A Year In The Life/ Part 2 (Don’t Know Much About Social Studies)

Last year Disney played a *huge* part in the girls learning. I myself let go of my “commercialism” pride and know what the girls learned to be better consumers by me giving them the choice instead of being all-controlling about it.

Looking back over the year I definitely give the Disney video game Kingdom Hearts credit for the new-found love of all things Disney. In fact I give the video game Kingdom Hearts credit for most of the girls learning last year period.

Then again I think it was the original X-men cartoon that led Miss Sky on the learning journey of mythical creatures with her love of the phoenix then the discovery of Ology World then the book Mosterology then Egyptology, Dragonolgy, Wizardology, and finally Mythology.


So this led to watching Disney’s Mulan and learning about Ancient China, honor, gender discrimination, the Great Wall of China, and the Huns.


Then there was Arthurian myths and legends and watchings of The Sword in the Stone, learning about King Arthur, the wizard Merlin, more mythical creatures, and the history of magic.


Which led to Robin Hood, and discussions of the crusades.

The Disney movie Hercules launched discussions about Greek Mythology, gods, goddess and its difference and similarities from Norse Mythology.

The movie Tarzan led us into the Victorian time period with discussions of Queen Victoria, fashions, houses (there are some beautiful Victorian houses in downtown Greenfield), which led us to watch the Titanic miniseries and talks of class division.



101 Dalmatians led us around London, Beauty and The Beast took us around France, and Aladdin into the Middle East.

Pocahontas brought us to the States with the founding of Jamestown, talks of King James, and the age of exploration.

We had a 2012 presidential election, debates, voting, and change.

The love of the video game Kingdom Hearts introduced us to the world of Anime, Manga and the discovery of the story Furuba or Fruits Basket(which we love!)


Which led us to Japan


and visits to Kids Commons in the city of Columbus and the Chinese Zodiac.

I think besides Disney, Pinterest was a great help in learning about Japan from every possible angle. We learned about food,


customs, religion, architecture, clothes, and vegetation.

We also learned about Madagascar Africa and Miss Sky was paid a visit from her twin Pen Pals who were doing a coast to coast road trip from California.

Miss Sky learned map skills by tracking her E-bay purchases, watching the weather channel and playing video games like 007 and Globe Trot from Wii Party.

Other favorite supplies were the Little Travelers DVDs.


We also dined in the Historic Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor and MuseumDSCF5393

and The Kopper Kettle. Both are well worth the drive.

I thought I would explain a bit more how we use Pinterest for “strewing” in our home not only because I love Pinterest but it really is a huge help.

At first I gave each of the girls their own boards on my account but these quickly spread out into more boards as their interests grew. Miss Sky, myself, and now Little Sis contribute to boards created to hold some of our favorite art work (Miss Sky has really taken interest in Asian artisans), vintage fashions, and  a board titled What About Earth where we pin pictures of food, clothes, or anything that interests us from different cultures around the globe.

Miss Sky really took interest in different cultures this year. She has also taken a big interest in historical fashions and set designs. While at Goodwill she has been collecting vintage objects like records or things that might be part of the 90s household to use as props while she films. She even wants to try sushi.

It really has been a fun year. 🙂

Well up next is Language Arts.


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