A Week In The Life/ Makings Of A Home(maker)

I don’t know if it is my age, me maturing or what but this year I am really being drawn to my roots. I am feeling my role as homemaker. Maybe it is my new awakening or a combination of all the above, it is hard for me to put into words but it all boils down that I love the role I play in our family!

For awhile I think I have been carrying a chip on my shoulder, not even realizing it that I had something to prove. Like because I didn’t go on to become some successful business person or something. I think these feelings were tied to my past. There really isn’t a easy way to put this but I moved, really ran away from home at the age of 18. I moved to Indiana from Kansas City Missouri telling no one but my mom and sister at the time and they got lucky just to be there. My childhood was not a very nice one. Last year I tackled, as Miss Sky likes to call it “the big boss”. It was a HUGE moment in my life.

Running from the support system that I did have may have altered my future a little bit but I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to be just like my grandmother.

She was first born generation in America, her parents migrating from Belgium. She lost her mother when she was very young, my great-grandmother died giving birth and my great- grandfather couldn’t handle the responsibility of being a single father in a new country so my grandmother and her siblings were raised in an orphanage.

After she met my grandfather she became the ideal picture of “homemaker”. She would wake early to make sure my grandfather was fed and made his lunch for work. She started dinner at the same time every evening to be ready for when my grandfather came home, never once complaining. Fridays was wash day and she had one of those old crank washer machines, that I loved helping her with, and then we would hang the laundry out to dry. She would tidy up the house and watch her soaps in the afternoon. She also loved to sew. What I saw was a woman who loved what she did.

I was very spoiled by my grandmother as she took care of me from when I was an infant until about 8th grade while my parents worked. Doesn’t sound too bad right? These are some of my happiest memories. Well life happens and people can be selfish and things change and some bad choices kept me wandering around for awhile but it was my grandmother who heavily influenced my life.

Well times change and women didn’t “have to” stay home anymore so why would they instead of following their own dreams? Please do not take me wrong I am SO thankful to be able to live in a time where we have the choice and believe we should all follow our dreams as long as we do not sacrifice responsibilities for them. In taking the long way around that was my point. Being a homemaker has always been *my* dream.

I also wanted to homeschool, I saw first hand with our oldest the toll public education can take on a person (and yes I know this isn’t always the case for every child but it was for ours). I saw a very bright child quickly lose their interest for learning. Like my childhood journey I made some choices that kept me wandering a bit here too.

This year however I am done wandering! I have found my joy. There are some who might not understand that and see what I do as sacrificing my life for my family or not being much of a success.  Well it sure is the happiest sacrifice I have ever made and honestly I really don’t care anymore what other people think. This year I have finally been able to embrace my role and claim it for me. “What do you do?” I am a homemaker (spoken proudly). 🙂

Learning? Yes lots of new things but lets start with games like Wizard Junior, Frog Juice, Monopoly Deal, Animal Rummy, and Spot It. Oh we are having a hard time passing Bowser’s castle in Super Mario Brothers, we get SO close then die. I know we can do it though. We also played Wii Party.

Lots of Minecraft for both girls as they made a world where everything is big to look like they shrunk, like Alice and Little Sis played her new Putt-Putt game, Putt Putt Travels Through Time, on the computer.

For the 3DS both girls picked out their first 3DS game, besides Mario Cart that came already installed, Nintendo Dogs. Yes they each already have a version of this game for their DS and yes they could play it on the 3DS but each game comes with different breeds you see and this one comes with cats too. Miss Sky picked out toy breeds (her favorite category from the dog shows) and Little Sis bulldogs. They played these pretty much daily then Miss Sky received her new game in the mail, thanks to a recommendation from an unschooling list, called Electroplanton.



She loves this game! She has been using her 3DS to record and make different sounds and with this game she can make her own music. We bought ours through E-bay and she quickly figured it out and has been coming up with her own tunes. Have I mentioned we are *huge* Danny Elfman fans and have several of his soundtracks. Now I am on the look out for a used keyboard(garage sales).

I mentioned Library in a Little Comments post, yes


lots of reading. Why is my daughter in shorts? Well she seems not to notice it is winter but with our wood stove she really is toasty warm anyway. 🙂

Still lots of drawing as the girls experiment more with color pastels and getting good using them too.


Our family movie this week was the new Ice Age movie, Continental Drift.

Wishing  peace for your journey.


One Response to “A Week In The Life/ Makings Of A Home(maker)”

  1. Ingi (@ingidefygravity) Says:

    You know, I’m happiest at home too! I think that’s OK. I love that you know exactly what your kids are up to – I’ve just discovered this whole world of Anime that mine have been immersed in this holidays and some other cool YouTube stuff they have been watching that is hilarious. I will have to look up that 3DS game – looks too cool!

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