Little Comments

While watching Disney’s Pinocchio.

Miss Sky: “Have you ever noticed in the older animation movies how they closed the scene by fading out before going into the next scene? Not like today where they cut the scene.”

Me: “No” but now paying closer attention ” I never noticed that before.”

Miss Sky: “Mom you have to pay closer attention to these things. Like look at the background”, still talking about the movie Pinocchio, “see how still it is?  See how the people or the trees don’t move. Today the backgrounds move, people move like real action.”

Miss Sky doesn’t just sit and watch movies for hours, she has a reason for watching them. It is nice when we are not so dismissive of our children’s interests. Who knows who might grow up to be a script writer, camera operator, set designer, costume designer, or animator? Who knows what carer one might find having a keen eye for detail?


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