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February 21, 2013

I mentioned Miss Sky’s cousin in my last post. Since they are so close in age I love seeing them interact with each other. While they were having a conversation Miss Sky was showing her cousin her art work and asked.

Miss Sky: ” Do you like to draw? ”

Cousin (who attends public school and actually was able to skip a grade so they would both be in the same grade): ” I would if I had the time. Most all my time goes to homework so when I do have free time I just want to relax and do nothing.”

I think it is a good thing that Miss Sky is able to see how much her life differs from her cousin’s. I think it has made her much more grateful.


Unschooling by an Unschooler

February 20, 2013

I came across this video today while sipping a cup of tea. 🙂

I love what she says about uschooling setting her up to be a life learner or how she still loves to learn. I have known several people in my life who once they graduated from high school and went straight into college played around and had no idea why they were there. I also have known people who always knew what they wanted to be from the start and accomplished that. I completely agree that it is all up to the individual doing the learning and has nothing to do with school at all.  I see this with our girls, they love to learn! They know, even Little Sis who is 7, they themselves can learn anything.

Of course I believe schools still need to exist as not every child has a loving parent for a partner.

What has helped me tremendously build my confidence toward unschooling is being able to see for myself with Miss Sky’s cousin who is 6 months younger than her reach burnout in the school system already.

I have seen first hand with our now 22-year-old *hate* school and walk away from learning. I saw a child who wanted and did read The Lord Of The Rings trilogy just because at 12 during her summer vacation stop being curious about the world. She is now finally discovering herself again after unloading lots of school baggage.

What is my point? I would love for parents to be able to *see* their children, get to know who they really are and stop focusing on grades and test scores. I would love to see parents being nicer to their children just because we can be. I would love to see more parents being their child’s partner whether they want to go to school or be homeschooled.

I would love for homeschooling parents to stop fighting against schools and see schools need to exist and realize not everyone wants to homeschool and it does not make you a bad parent if you don’t. I would love for schools (and teachers) to see homeschooling, especially unschooling, works and should be a choice. Just like not everyone wants to homeschool not every child does good in a school environment. We are individual people that way. 🙂

I am asked a lot actually if one of the girls wanted to go to school would I let them and my answer is yes. They both know they could go to school if they wanted and I know and trust my child to be able to make that decision. What I like to ask back now is if your child wanted to homeschool would you?

Peace for the journey.


A Week In The Life/ Just Around The Riverbend

February 18, 2013

Well the Internet is fixed, for now anyway. It was not the modem after all it was our year old router and interfering signals. So this meant I was able to do our taxes over the weekend which was adding to my pressure last week. So now with that headache gone I am ready to start focusing on spring! I am ready to get outdoors and garden.

Speaking of outdoors the girls have been venturing out a bit more lately these days as the sun has been showing itself more and more. I think they are ready for Spring just as much as I am.

I think Final Fantasy has been helping with this. The girls have been watching their new movie and YouTube videos of the story-line and really like the character Aerith who was a flower merchant (thanks wikia and this has inspired the girls to make their own flower gardens. Since it is still a bit cold outside the girls have been drawing one indoors.


(Little Sis, I love her Aerith doll)

That has not been the only drawing going on around here though. Miss Sky has been drawing and making new characters too.


(She is really into drops and feathers right now)


I have been informed a trip to Hobby Lobby is in order for new supplies. 🙂

Since the internet was having its problems Minecraft and Scratch played a big part in both girls week as well as Putt-Putt Travels Through Time for Little Sis


and more Scribblenauts for Miss Sky.

Little Sis is still on her reading kick knocking out another 10 books of her choice.


There was tic-tac-toe between Papa and Little Sis


and Monopoly Deal as a family.

Once the internet was fixed the girls were glad to play at and Manga Creator II again.

This weeks family movie was Hotel Transylvania which Miss Sky added because of their Monster High love.

We decided the last Downton Abbey episode of season 3 deserved homemade pizza with dessert and thought why not chocolate heart brownies, strawberries and whipped cream?


Though the dessert was delicious I can not say so much about Downton Abbey where Miss Sky’s face was like this when it ended. :0

I will not add the reasons why for those who may want to watch it someday however I will wish you peace for the journey. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2013


A Week in The Life/ What’s Going On?

February 13, 2013

Our eldest far, far away in San Francisco has informed me I’ve been taking awhile to update my blog. (Sorry 🙂 )

Our internet is terrible. I am hoping it is a bad modem. We’ve had it updated as much as our area is compatible but it still stinks. It just keeps rebooting itself over and over and gets worse and worse and our provider wants us to keep ordering parts without us knowing if that’s the problem or not (long sigh).

I myself could do without the internet. Don’t get me wrong I have learned SO much from it and know I could not homeschool without it (I mean I could but know the internet is here to stay and will be part of the girls future and how they will need it to compete globally and so forth and so on). I also do like being able to Skype family that lives far away too or e-mailing our oldest. I mean there is good, lots of good.

I don’t like how complicated it is getting. We’ve stopped ordering on-line,with the exception of keeping a small balance on a credit card just for certain hard to find purchases, because I’ve dealt with identity theft and we’ve had several credit card numbers stolen at least 4 times, why now I only have one with a very small balance (like $100). I don’t like calling our provider when something goes wrong and they try to insult my intelligence like wanting to charge me $200 telling me something is wrong with our computer, which works fine when using other Wi-Fi, then there is the whole parts thing mentioned above as well. So I guess I have my fair share of complaints with change too.

As I type this I am beginning to see that it is the fact we *need* to have it that bothers me the most. Somewhere along the line it has become a necessity instead of a luxury. Then this starts to stir the division between rich and poor and not far behind is negativity. So now if you will excuse me a moment as I pause to take a deep breath.

Ah, yes much better. Internet…, Homeschool…, Thankful. 🙂

Learning? Yes always.

Since I mentioned class division ,ahem, Downton Abbey (that Miss Sky and I love) has played heavily into our days. Lots of conversations and more inspirations.


I could not get the whole sheet of paper in one picture but Miss Sky decided to recreate a 5 course meal.


This, as well as Little Sis still reading up a storm, has sent us to the library in search for books on how royalty ate and the many different foods that was served and presented( like live blackbirds really being baked in a pie).

Miss Sky has also been very interested in learning how to draw water drops. She checked out a few books to look at the way water flows and has been filling bowls of water and watching how the drops fall and ripple.


We have also been watching BBC’s Life and she has been watching different non animated versions of Alice In Wonderland seeing how they filmed Alice shrinking.

Kingdom Hearts?


Yes Miss Sky finally defeated Riku when he is Ansem. She has been stuck on this part for a while.

She still is loving and playing Scribblenauts Unlimited daily and has been making Wonderland with Little Sis on Minecraft. She has also been working here and there on a word search.

Little Sis, more Elephant and Piggie from the library and Babar Dvds. She also picked out the cartoon series The Berenstain Bears that we watched together.

Games? Little Sis and Papa have been playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii, Connect 4,


and give-a-way in Checkers. It is where you want to be jumped and get rid of all your pieces.

Together we played Monopoly Deal and Nacho Loco.


Then 007 and Movie Games on the Wii.

Our Family movie of the week was Megamind which we really enjoyed. Lots of playful spoofs and banter. Laughter is a must I say.

Wishing peace for the journey.

Week In The Life/ There Was A Pink Dress

February 6, 2013

Happy February!


(Poem by Shel Silverstein, Where The Sidewalk Ends)

As I started uploading the photos for this post I began to notice a pattern. Little Sis is wearing the same pink dress in almost all the pictures. Of course there could be several reasons for this, like maybe I took the pictures all on the same day but I myself know that to be false. In fact I myself know she has bathed, more than once, since some of these photos were taken. So for the sake of no one getting any ideas of neglect in their heads (unfortunately there are those who like to jump to conclusions) I thought I might explain. 🙂

For those who may not know the girls are *really* into manga and anime right now and if you have ever seen a picture of a girl from anime or manga you would know they seem to like wearing really short skirts. I don’t mind the girls experimenting in the safety of their home with different clothing styles. Miss Sky is getting good at turning Goodwill finds into costumes but Little Sis noticed she was short on outfits. So we dug through some of her old clothes that she had outgrown where she found the pink dress that now has become her favorite manga/anime dress to play in.

I know, from seeing her love from the previous week and because she is wearing the so called dress now as I type this, we will probably be seeing more of this dress in posts to come. So rest assured the dress has been washed in-between wearings and both girls do have proper “outside the home” clothes, pants, and socks but while home with the warmth of a fire they will choose costumes every time. 🙂

Speaking of costumes, I mentioned in my last post new movies (and games). Miss Sky has taken interest in Final Fantasy. While at Goodwill she spotted a movie she has been debating adding to Netflix to see, she is very cautious of PG-13 movies and certain anime because of blood, so I told her to go ahead and get it and I would watch it to make sure it would pass *her* approval, I mean what are the chances of finding Final Fantasy again at Goodwill?

The movie is Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, it passed and she loves it (just as I was learning all the Kingdom Hearts characters names too 🙂 ). So I might as well go ahead and mention you might notice some new markings popping up from time to time too.


Other movies? Yes, we watched Wrath of the Titans and How to Train Your Dragon as a family, both movies were added by Miss Sky. As far as Greek Mythology and graphics go we enjoyed Wrath of the Titans but I can not say how much I enjoyed How To Train Your Dragon enough. I think this is my favorite Dreamworks movie yet. There has been some great movies released here lately about parents not listening to their children instead of children getting into trouble for not listening to the parents.

Another Goodwill find was Lilo and Stitch which brought up conversations about Hawaii, surfing, hula, and Elvis. While at the library Little Sis has been picking out movies to watch together and being she likes the TV series Babar she picked out the movie Babar and Father Christmas.

Speaking of the library, visits have been added weekly since Little Sis is on a reading kick. This week she read 10 books and I read her 10 books.


We have also been reading our February High Five magazines


as well as some Valentine’s Day planning.


Games? Some of the same ‘ol with Minecraft, Animal Jam, more at dress up with Manga Creator II and Putt-Putt. Some new like Wii Music that I found for $4 at Gamestop that we have been enjoying playing as a family and Miss Sky loves, like plays it daily, her present from my sister the 3DS game Scribblenauts Unlimited.


The girls have also been playing around with the software Scratch.

Drawing? 🙂


(Miss Sky)

and Little Sis has been busy making potions.


All that is left to add is Downton Abbey which has led to all kinds of conversations and inspirations.


I see a real tea party in our future especially around Valentine’s Day.

Wishing peace for the journey.