Week In The Life/ There Was A Pink Dress

Happy February!


(Poem by Shel Silverstein, Where The Sidewalk Ends)

As I started uploading the photos for this post I began to notice a pattern. Little Sis is wearing the same pink dress in almost all the pictures. Of course there could be several reasons for this, like maybe I took the pictures all on the same day but I myself know that to be false. In fact I myself know she has bathed, more than once, since some of these photos were taken. So for the sake of no one getting any ideas of neglect in their heads (unfortunately there are those who like to jump to conclusions) I thought I might explain. 🙂

For those who may not know the girls are *really* into manga and anime right now and if you have ever seen a picture of a girl from anime or manga you would know they seem to like wearing really short skirts. I don’t mind the girls experimenting in the safety of their home with different clothing styles. Miss Sky is getting good at turning Goodwill finds into costumes but Little Sis noticed she was short on outfits. So we dug through some of her old clothes that she had outgrown where she found the pink dress that now has become her favorite manga/anime dress to play in.

I know, from seeing her love from the previous week and because she is wearing the so called dress now as I type this, we will probably be seeing more of this dress in posts to come. So rest assured the dress has been washed in-between wearings and both girls do have proper “outside the home” clothes, pants, and socks but while home with the warmth of a fire they will choose costumes every time. 🙂

Speaking of costumes, I mentioned in my last post new movies (and games). Miss Sky has taken interest in Final Fantasy. While at Goodwill she spotted a movie she has been debating adding to Netflix to see, she is very cautious of PG-13 movies and certain anime because of blood, so I told her to go ahead and get it and I would watch it to make sure it would pass *her* approval, I mean what are the chances of finding Final Fantasy again at Goodwill?

The movie is Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, it passed and she loves it (just as I was learning all the Kingdom Hearts characters names too 🙂 ). So I might as well go ahead and mention you might notice some new markings popping up from time to time too.


Other movies? Yes, we watched Wrath of the Titans and How to Train Your Dragon as a family, both movies were added by Miss Sky. As far as Greek Mythology and graphics go we enjoyed Wrath of the Titans but I can not say how much I enjoyed How To Train Your Dragon enough. I think this is my favorite Dreamworks movie yet. There has been some great movies released here lately about parents not listening to their children instead of children getting into trouble for not listening to the parents.

Another Goodwill find was Lilo and Stitch which brought up conversations about Hawaii, surfing, hula, and Elvis. While at the library Little Sis has been picking out movies to watch together and being she likes the TV series Babar she picked out the movie Babar and Father Christmas.

Speaking of the library, visits have been added weekly since Little Sis is on a reading kick. This week she read 10 books and I read her 10 books.


We have also been reading our February High Five magazines


as well as some Valentine’s Day planning.


Games? Some of the same ‘ol with Minecraft, Animal Jam, more at dress up games.com with Manga Creator II and Putt-Putt. Some new like Wii Music that I found for $4 at Gamestop that we have been enjoying playing as a family and Miss Sky loves, like plays it daily, her present from my sister the 3DS game Scribblenauts Unlimited.



The girls have also been playing around with the software Scratch.


Drawing? 🙂


(Miss Sky)

and Little Sis has been busy making potions.


All that is left to add is Downton Abbey which has led to all kinds of conversations and inspirations.


I see a real tea party in our future especially around Valentine’s Day.

Wishing peace for the journey.


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