A Week in The Life/ What’s Going On?

Our eldest far, far away in San Francisco has informed me I’ve been taking awhile to update my blog. (Sorry 🙂 )

Our internet is terrible. I am hoping it is a bad modem. We’ve had it updated as much as our area is compatible but it still stinks. It just keeps rebooting itself over and over and gets worse and worse and our provider wants us to keep ordering parts without us knowing if that’s the problem or not (long sigh).

I myself could do without the internet. Don’t get me wrong I have learned SO much from it and know I could not homeschool without it (I mean I could but know the internet is here to stay and will be part of the girls future and how they will need it to compete globally and so forth and so on). I also do like being able to Skype family that lives far away too or e-mailing our oldest. I mean there is good, lots of good.

I don’t like how complicated it is getting. We’ve stopped ordering on-line,with the exception of keeping a small balance on a credit card just for certain hard to find purchases, because I’ve dealt with identity theft and we’ve had several credit card numbers stolen at least 4 times, why now I only have one with a very small balance (like $100). I don’t like calling our provider when something goes wrong and they try to insult my intelligence like wanting to charge me $200 telling me something is wrong with our computer, which works fine when using other Wi-Fi, then there is the whole parts thing mentioned above as well. So I guess I have my fair share of complaints with change too.

As I type this I am beginning to see that it is the fact we *need* to have it that bothers me the most. Somewhere along the line it has become a necessity instead of a luxury. Then this starts to stir the division between rich and poor and not far behind is negativity. So now if you will excuse me a moment as I pause to take a deep breath.

Ah, yes much better. Internet…, Homeschool…, Thankful. 🙂

Learning? Yes always.

Since I mentioned class division ,ahem, Downton Abbey (that Miss Sky and I love) has played heavily into our days. Lots of conversations and more inspirations.


I could not get the whole sheet of paper in one picture but Miss Sky decided to recreate a 5 course meal.


This, as well as Little Sis still reading up a storm, has sent us to the library in search for books on how royalty ate and the many different foods that was served and presented( like live blackbirds really being baked in a pie).

Miss Sky has also been very interested in learning how to draw water drops. She checked out a few books to look at the way water flows and has been filling bowls of water and watching how the drops fall and ripple.


We have also been watching BBC’s Life and she has been watching different non animated versions of Alice In Wonderland seeing how they filmed Alice shrinking.

Kingdom Hearts?


Yes Miss Sky finally defeated Riku when he is Ansem. She has been stuck on this part for a while.

She still is loving and playing Scribblenauts Unlimited daily and has been making Wonderland with Little Sis on Minecraft. She has also been working here and there on a word search.

Little Sis, more Elephant and Piggie from the library and Babar Dvds. She also picked out the cartoon series The Berenstain Bears that we watched together.

Games? Little Sis and Papa have been playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii, Connect 4,


and give-a-way in Checkers. It is where you want to be jumped and get rid of all your pieces.

Together we played Monopoly Deal and Nacho Loco.


Then 007 and Movie Games on the Wii.

Our Family movie of the week was Megamind which we really enjoyed. Lots of playful spoofs and banter. Laughter is a must I say.

Wishing peace for the journey.


2 Responses to “A Week in The Life/ What’s Going On?”

  1. Jessie Says:

    Thankyou for posting. When I read it makes me realize how big my baby sisters are getting. Love you all!!

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Hugs and Kisses back to ya!

      If you think your sisters are getting big just think how big you have gotten. 🙂

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