A Week In The Life/ Just Around The Riverbend

Well the Internet is fixed, for now anyway. It was not the modem after all it was our year old router and interfering signals. So this meant I was able to do our taxes over the weekend which was adding to my pressure last week. So now with that headache gone I am ready to start focusing on spring! I am ready to get outdoors and garden.

Speaking of outdoors the girls have been venturing out a bit more lately these days as the sun has been showing itself more and more. I think they are ready for Spring just as much as I am.

I think Final Fantasy has been helping with this. The girls have been watching their new movie and YouTube videos of the story-line and really like the character Aerith who was a flower merchant (thanks wikia http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Aerith_Gainsborough) and this has inspired the girls to make their own flower gardens. Since it is still a bit cold outside the girls have been drawing one indoors.


(Little Sis, I love her Aerith doll)

That has not been the only drawing going on around here though. Miss Sky has been drawing and making new characters too.


(She is really into drops and feathers right now)


I have been informed a trip to Hobby Lobby is in order for new supplies. 🙂

Since the internet was having its problems Minecraft and Scratch played a big part in both girls week as well as Putt-Putt Travels Through Time for Little Sis


and more Scribblenauts for Miss Sky.

Little Sis is still on her reading kick knocking out another 10 books of her choice.


There was tic-tac-toe between Papa and Little Sis


and Monopoly Deal as a family.

Once the internet was fixed the girls were glad to play at Girlsgames.com and Manga Creator II again.

This weeks family movie was Hotel Transylvania which Miss Sky added because of their Monster High love.

We decided the last Downton Abbey episode of season 3 deserved homemade pizza with dessert and thought why not chocolate heart brownies, strawberries and whipped cream?


Though the dessert was delicious I can not say so much about Downton Abbey where Miss Sky’s face was like this when it ended. :0

I will not add the reasons why for those who may want to watch it someday however I will wish you peace for the journey. 🙂


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