Unschooling by an Unschooler

I came across this video today while sipping a cup of tea. 🙂

I love what she says about uschooling setting her up to be a life learner or how she still loves to learn. I have known several people in my life who once they graduated from high school and went straight into college played around and had no idea why they were there. I also have known people who always knew what they wanted to be from the start and accomplished that. I completely agree that it is all up to the individual doing the learning and has nothing to do with school at all.  I see this with our girls, they love to learn! They know, even Little Sis who is 7, they themselves can learn anything.

Of course I believe schools still need to exist as not every child has a loving parent for a partner.

What has helped me tremendously build my confidence toward unschooling is being able to see for myself with Miss Sky’s cousin who is 6 months younger than her reach burnout in the school system already.

I have seen first hand with our now 22-year-old *hate* school and walk away from learning. I saw a child who wanted and did read The Lord Of The Rings trilogy just because at 12 during her summer vacation stop being curious about the world. She is now finally discovering herself again after unloading lots of school baggage.

What is my point? I would love for parents to be able to *see* their children, get to know who they really are and stop focusing on grades and test scores. I would love to see parents being nicer to their children just because we can be. I would love to see more parents being their child’s partner whether they want to go to school or be homeschooled.

I would love for homeschooling parents to stop fighting against schools and see schools need to exist and realize not everyone wants to homeschool and it does not make you a bad parent if you don’t. I would love for schools (and teachers) to see homeschooling, especially unschooling, works and should be a choice. Just like not everyone wants to homeschool not every child does good in a school environment. We are individual people that way. 🙂

I am asked a lot actually if one of the girls wanted to go to school would I let them and my answer is yes. They both know they could go to school if they wanted and I know and trust my child to be able to make that decision. What I like to ask back now is if your child wanted to homeschool would you?

Peace for the journey.



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