Week(s) In The Life/ On With The Show

Now then, ahem, being that I explained a little bit about how learning looks in our home let’s get on with it shall we? 🙂

I have lots to catch up on so when reading this please realize I am combining several weeks of learning together in one post. The hardest part for me right now is finding just where to start so I guess I will go with movies.

Something I did on Facebook for fun because I for one was tired of all the headlines (particularly dealing with our government right now) I asked the question if you were moving to an island and only had room enough to bring 5 movies along with you what would they be?  What movies if moving with the chance to never purchase or see another movie again would you not want to be without?

I received a very diverse list and discovered Papa had never seen The Goonies (Hello!!) and added several to our very growing list on Netflix. It was fun seeing how and what movies speak to different people ( and please feel free if you’re not feeling too shy to add your own favorites in the comments 🙂 ).

My personal list that would sadden me if I never was able to see them again was

5.  Parenthood with Steve Martin

4. Fried Green Tomatoes

3. It’s A Wonderful Life

2. Harvey

1. You Can’t Take It With You

Yes James Stewart is my most favorite actor 🙂

Well I thought it was a perfect time to share Fried Green Tomatoes with Miss Sky (I saw this movie with my childhood best friend at the theaters when it came out and fell in love with it. My best friend and I were so different from each other just like Idgie and Ruth, um lets just say I wasn’t like Ruth and leave it at that. Since then I have shared it with my little sister and Big Sis, our oldest who is now 22, when they were Miss Sky’s age so it has kind of became a tradition) so I grabbed a box a tissues, you will need them, and  away we went.

Just like my childhood best friend, little sister, and Big Sis we sat quiet eyes glued to the television as we listened to the story of Idgie Threadgoode. After it was over Miss Sky looked over at me and said “Wow, that was a good movie! It was nothing like I thought it would be. I thought it was about a bunch of old people living together.”

Our conversations lasted pretty much the rest of the day and have been brought up again here and there through these past weeks. It’s that kind of movie. 🙂

We also watched the anime movie Princess Mononoke which Miss Sky has declared it her favorite Hayao Miyazaki movie yet. I will warn you though it does have a PG-13 rating as well as blood and some beheadings. Miss Sky didn’t think it was bad but it might be a bit scary to some.

For Little Sis it was more Kipper and Babar.


We made the trip to Hobby Lobby for new supplies and some new flowers as well. It was fun watching the girls pick out which flowers they wanted and the colors.

Speaking of flowers the girls have also been busy making their own silk flowers.


We picked up a few other new supplies too. Little Sis has been wanting to find a manga series she could read besides Kingdom Hearts. There is other Disney manga but that is not what she wanted so I did a little looking around on-line and found the series Kitchen Princess.


It is perfect for Little Sis as she loves to help in the kitchen and I have yet to find anything inappropriate for her.

Speaking of kitchen with Papa home on vacation Little Sis and Papa decided maybe making chocolate chip cookies sounded good and went straight to work.


Little Sis informed Papa he was not making them like Mama, he does not like to spoon out the flour then level it off the top and didn’t cream the butter and sugar before adding the flour mixture, which Papa replied “That’s okay” and so when the dough came out way too dry Mama was called into service to fix things. They were not my cookies but I did manage to save them enough that they were edible. Papa learned maybe he should listen to Little Sis a bit more when it comes to baking.

New games? Yes we added the game Disney Headbanz to our collection.



I will be adding it to our favorite games list as well. We love it , even Miss Sky, and have been playing it daily. I like that we can use the cards from the game Sherlock, another favorite game from the list, to make it different and the girls even mentioned making up our own on index cards. That makes it a winner in my book.

We picked out some new games for the Wii too. Pac-Man Party, which we have also been playing daily and Miss Sky says it is her favorite “party” game so far,


and Need For Speed The Run.


It can be played with 4 players unlike the one for the Playstation. I don’t know why it has bad reviews we really like it as a 4 player game and taking turns playing it single player story mode to unlock new tracks and parts for multiplayer.

Scribblenauts? Yes even right now as I type this. So much in fact Little Sis wanted her own copy and is playing just as much as Miss Sky. This has been the only DS, 3DS game I needed to buy 2 of not because they couldn’t share but Miss Sky plays it so much Little Sis never could play. It really is that fun. Papa and I enjoy playing it too. 🙂

“Mom how do spell phone, Mom how do you spell sparkly, Mom how do you spell……….?” I love it!

Miss Sky  found the game Freakyforms Deluxe that both girls enjoy as well.


We also played 007 and Papa and Little Sis played more Connect 4 and Memory.

Lets see Miss Sky received a new Otaku USA magazine she has had her nose buried in and Little Sis still is reading up a storm with the Little Bear series and her other favorites like Frances and Amelia Bedelia. I think she even surprised herself she could read the Frances series. She has been asking me every night if I want a story before bed. 🙂

The girls are taking over my Pinterest adding several new boards. Filled with drops, feathers, flowers. I do not mind one bit. It is a wonderful way to stay connected, to “strew” new ideas, games, or movies.

Of course I will add this is for fun, if the girls thought I was doing it as part of “school” it would kill that fun. We have deschooled and the girls don’t realize when they play Minecraft, or Animal Jam, or Scribblenauts, or Pinterest they are doing it for me to record it as “school”. They do it because it is fun and learning happens because of that.

I see schools trying incorporate Pinterest and Minecraft and though I am glad they see how educational they are. Once you take something that is played for fun and turn it into a lesson it kills the joy, the discovery. I do not know personally how they are being used in school as the girls don’t go. This is all me forming my own conclusions. I just hope if they are using them they don’t take charge and turn them into lessons. The same goes for homeschoolers too. Let them have fun and direct how *they* want to use them.

I think all I have left is to add more of Miss Sky’s drawings.


More drop inspiration


and from Final Fantasy (a moogle). Whew!

Peace for the journey.


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