Week In The Life/ Taking Care Of Business

So the weekend before last was in the mid 60s. The girls were outdoors Papa and I were working around the house, Spring was in the air (literally). About Tuesday we needed to fire the wood stove back up because temps dropped and it began to snow, snow in the middle of March. Too late the Spring cleaning bug had already bit.

I am so antsy to get out and get our garden started. So many ideas swirling through our heads but until then there is plenty for me to get caught up with indoors. Closets needing sorted, cleaning out a certain little one’s closet so she can finally call her room her own. 🙂 I’m just ready you know.

So like the start of Fall I am finding myself too busy again to keep track of our days. However I did learn from last time that I can write a few things here and take a few shots there and being that “school” for us is 365 days there is no reason I should even begin to worry about taking a few days off.

I have noticed some new unschooling traffic here on my blog (Hello, I am smiling and waving to ya. 🙂 ) which makes me happy, happy instead of my Waldorf links. I have mentioned before how I’ve thought about deleting them but since this blog is about our journey and Waldorf education was a part of that, though I am very sad to say it, I won’t. I guess what I am trying to say is after making the journey from Waldorf myself it saddens me to see those headed down that road.

It does make me happy though when I notice new inquires of unschooling. I love unschooling folks!! Love it, love it and so do the girls. Happy, happy children they are. Happy, happy parents we are too.

Well to get back to my point, I think I have one, since I’ve noticed new traffic I wanted to mention again these posts are very brief summaries of our weeks. Really to be honest they are my memory.  I couldn’t possibly keep track of everything we do daily( our conversations alone are priceless), it would take way too much of my valuable time away from my family. Learning all the time we are.

I keep track of our main course so to speak, it helps me to be able to look back and see where some interests might be headed and helps inspire new ideas (and I sure do love seeing all those main dishes paraded around at the end of the year).

Well speaking of main course let’s talk about food shall we. Like shepherds pie and soda bread for St. Patty’s day and “Mom can you make me a pumpkin pie?” asks the little one. Which I say sure. 🙂

The girls have been recording music to their 3DS, so I am thinking an I-Pod soon.


They are very much into video game soundtracks right now especially Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. Actually Miss Sky has declared Nobuo Uematsu her most favorite composer. She was SO excited to learn he created the music for Super Smash Brothers Brawl because it too is a favorite soundtrack. I thought I would add their favorites from YouTube because like their Beatles’ love I think it would be fun to look back on.

Miss Sky does like her battle music, Liberi Fatali from Final Fantasy 8.

Little Sis not so much, Namine’s theme form Kingdom Hearts.

Me I know these soundtracks by heart.

Speaking of Final Fantasy the girls have been watching the Advent Children in Japanese with English subtitles and are learning so much between this and reading manga,  I am too actually.


Games? Miss Sky has been playing more at gamevile.com and Little Sis at Animal Jam. Scribblenauts for both where Miss Sky has passed the game.

What makes this game stand out in my opinion as great is once you pass the game you can free play creating your own worlds for unlimited play, I guess that is why it’s called Scribblenauts Unlimited. Oh and more at girlgames.com.

As A Family, 007 on paintball mode. Yes I didn’t know you could change this feature so now it doesn’t feel like we are killing each other but strategizing our attack with paint, (a lot of )Pac-man Party where we have already played every board, (more and more) Disney Headbanz, Disney Apples to Apples and Frog Juice.

Little Sis has been reading some of her favorite Little Golden Books to Papa before bed and Miss Sky’s inner artist is emerging. I love the differences in the girls art work, their curiosity each heading in a different direction.

Miss Sky is really into oil pastels, backgrounds , feathers, drops



and is still working on her manga story (where she is putting her drop knowledge to use 🙂 ).


Last but not least our family movie was Rise Of The Guardians where both girls give it 2 thumbs way up. Yeah it is going to be added to our collection.

Peace for the journey.


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