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“Mom I Need A New Notebook”

April 30, 2013

Which is funny because they each just got a new one last Friday.  🙂

Though I have not felt much like writing lately I was thinking a few shots here and there couldn’t hurt. So here is what Miss Sky has been up to so far this week.


(We still are working on planting the girls flower garden this year and with the weather looking like it might finally stay above freezing I am thinking very, very soon.)





Peace for the journey.


Still Kickin’

April 25, 2013

I am still here and kickin’, just been focusing on me for once (which wouldn’t make good posts I assure you 🙂 ).

I have been enjoying my time working out, trying out new recipes (without gluten or dairy), and loosing all kinds of weight (can’t wait to go shopping for new clothes and will add before and after pictures I’m sure) oh and reading, yes me (anyone into the Game of Thrones series?). But honestly what I have been enjoying the most is spending time with my family without the need to take pictures and keep track of everything we are doing.

Like last night Miss Sky and I watched Nature on PBS about the Harpy Eagle and it felt so good not thinking about if this is for “school” or not. It feels like I am on summer vacation for once. 🙂

Always planning I have been, always worried if we were doing enough I have been, now we just do. I’m sure I will pick up blogging again, I do miss it but for now I am enjoying just rolling with it. 🙂

On The Mend

April 10, 2013

Though I don’t know 100% my test results yet (though really I do your body just knows these things) after I had my endoscopy yesterday the doctor looked at Papa and said “she has a lot of irritation and I think her results will come back positive”. He also told my husband that I should cut back on my dairy too.

I have been gluten-free for a whole week. I have already lost 5 lbs around my middle, my sinuses and eye sight have cleared completely. My energy level increased dramatically and headaches? Yeah gone. Since being dairy free, still was having some bloating (and some other personal problems that feel a little weird for me to share 😉 )so when he mentioned dairy yesterday I was like yep that makes sense (was eating yogurt daily to help with protein), I feel like a different person. The dark circles and bags under my eyes are gone, I look younger and my skin is clear. A different person I tell you.

I am amazed, amazed how something so little as gluten can make someone SO sick. Then I am angry, angry that foods you think are healthy for you could cause so much trouble. Angry that gluten, like corn, here in the US is in almost everything. I read celiac disease has doubled in the last 15 years and 18 million people suffer from it, some like myself don’t even know it yet, I wonder why when it is in everything.

I know this new journey of mine will not be easy, good-by favorite Chinese restaurant 😦 , but after feeling the way I did and feeling the way I do now I am up for the challenge.

While I was in bed ,so weak that I could barely walk, I had a lot of time to think, think how thankful I am to have found radical unschooling. How thankful that Papa and I do not force the girls to finish their plates, how thankful I am that the girls are learning to listen to THEIR bodies not someone telling them what they should or should not eat. How thankful that I do not make the girls eat 3 meals a day (I have one who likes to graze throughout the day).There is a good chance that one of them could have celiac disease too and they are learning now how foods make them feel. How on earth could I know what is good for them? Only they can be the judge of that.

Peace for the journey.

A Spring Break

April 2, 2013

So it was about last year when I had my first gallbladder attack. Well I’ve waited and waited to go to a doctor (kind of scared of them )and a week ago today there I was smack dab in the middle of the emergency room because I was in so much pain and so weak I couldn’t take it anymore. My stomach was so bloated it literally felt like I had swallowed a watermelon and I could not keep food down.

After being tested to make sure my liver was functioning properly I was sent home with the advice to make an appointment with a GI doctor. Well to make a long story short I go in for an upper endoscopy next Tuesday. I would be scared as hell if I had not gone through this with Papa already and  know what to expect ( it is the same doctor who performed his procedure too and I like him).

He will be testing me for Celiac Disease, something I was pretty sure I didn’t have. Gallbladder feeling like it was about to pop out of my back and side, yes. Celiac Disease? I mean no hives no allergies just terrible migraines and indigestion.

Today has been 2 days of being gluten-free and finally my stomach does not feel like I swallowed a watermelon and my appetite is even getting better (Easter was not very fun this year I am afraid 😦 ). Today I have finally been able to stand up and walk without getting light-headed (I thought I was dying, dramatic I know but really I did).

I will be taking a break from blogging a bit as I regain my strength (still pretty weak from not being able to keep foods down for a week, um toast?) and prepare for next weeks tests( not to mention everything that needs catching up).

The girls have been very brave and taking great care of me while Papa went back to work (need to keep our insurance). I think Miss Sky has the stomach, liver, gallbladder and intestines functions memorized. I guess me getting sick was a great introductory into the human body. 🙂

Peace for the journey.