On The Mend

Though I don’t know 100% my test results yet (though really I do your body just knows these things) after I had my endoscopy yesterday the doctor looked at Papa and said “she has a lot of irritation and I think her results will come back positive”. He also told my husband that I should cut back on my dairy too.

I have been gluten-free for a whole week. I have already lost 5 lbs around my middle, my sinuses and eye sight have cleared completely. My energy level increased dramatically and headaches? Yeah gone. Since being dairy free, still was having some bloating (and some other personal problems that feel a little weird for me to share 😉 )so when he mentioned dairy yesterday I was like yep that makes sense (was eating yogurt daily to help with protein), I feel like a different person. The dark circles and bags under my eyes are gone, I look younger and my skin is clear. A different person I tell you.

I am amazed, amazed how something so little as gluten can make someone SO sick. Then I am angry, angry that foods you think are healthy for you could cause so much trouble. Angry that gluten, like corn, here in the US is in almost everything. I read celiac disease has doubled in the last 15 years and 18 million people suffer from it, some like myself don’t even know it yet, I wonder why when it is in everything.

I know this new journey of mine will not be easy, good-by favorite Chinese restaurant 😦 , but after feeling the way I did and feeling the way I do now I am up for the challenge.

While I was in bed ,so weak that I could barely walk, I had a lot of time to think, think how thankful I am to have found radical unschooling. How thankful that Papa and I do not force the girls to finish their plates, how thankful I am that the girls are learning to listen to THEIR bodies not someone telling them what they should or should not eat. How thankful that I do not make the girls eat 3 meals a day (I have one who likes to graze throughout the day).There is a good chance that one of them could have celiac disease too and they are learning now how foods make them feel. How on earth could I know what is good for them? Only they can be the judge of that.

Peace for the journey.


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