Still Kickin’

I am still here and kickin’, just been focusing on me for once (which wouldn’t make good posts I assure you 🙂 ).

I have been enjoying my time working out, trying out new recipes (without gluten or dairy), and loosing all kinds of weight (can’t wait to go shopping for new clothes and will add before and after pictures I’m sure) oh and reading, yes me (anyone into the Game of Thrones series?). But honestly what I have been enjoying the most is spending time with my family without the need to take pictures and keep track of everything we are doing.

Like last night Miss Sky and I watched Nature on PBS about the Harpy Eagle and it felt so good not thinking about if this is for “school” or not. It feels like I am on summer vacation for once. 🙂

Always planning I have been, always worried if we were doing enough I have been, now we just do. I’m sure I will pick up blogging again, I do miss it but for now I am enjoying just rolling with it. 🙂


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