Going With The Flow


(Little Sis’s note to me)

I love Sandra Dodd’s ,mostly, daily Just Add Light and Stir e-mails. I love getting her inspirational nuggets delivered and usually always start my day reading them before anything else.

Sometimes a post will come, and even though I know to my knowledge at least she probably doesn’t have super powers, that feels like it was meant just for me. Like today’s post about “Clarity In Motion” which she talks about the flow in unschooling. (You can find a link to her post and sign up to get her emails over on the right under my Blogroll links)

I am realizing I have come to that place in our journey into radical unschooling that I no longer feel the need to keep notes. I have come to that place where I can see learning happening everyday in everything we do. When we sit down and flip the TV on to watch a sitcom (I have really been getting into the George Burns and Gracie Allen Show of late) I know we are going to learn something new.

For instance I am discovering the wonderfully talented Gracie Allen and seeing a different side of George Burns I had never known. The girls are discovering fashion and design and what it might have looked like to live back in that time period.

So it is only natural that my blog change as we do and this is where I have found myself stuck. It just doesn’t feel natural for me to take pictures and list everything we might have watched or done anymore. Like we played Apples to Apples this day and read Corduroy that day. For me now it is just a part of our life, it is how we live.

Tomorrow we meet our hog farmer and pick up our order and we may run and get supplies for a Papa project that may keep us busy for a while. Then we probably will play a game or watch a movie. Who knows? One thing I do know is the girls will be learning something from it.

I guess what I am taking the long way around to say is that’s why I don’t feel like writing much these days. I am not really sure what I want to write about. I do like my blog. In a way it is like a baby book. I know I enjoy looking back and seeing how much the girls have grown since I’ve started writing. I know I enjoy reliving memories of Miss Sky in drama class or a trip to a new place we had never been before.  I enjoy seeing  the girls art work evolve. I know it is just a matter of me finding my new groove. 🙂

Until I do , peace for the journey.


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