Little Comments

While playing Animal Jam.

Little Sis:” Mom come here and look at what I made.”

She had created an image from Animal Jam using the Scratch progam.

Little Sis:” I read how to do it from the news on Animal Jam.”


3 Responses to “Little Comments”

  1. Ingi (@ingidefygravity) Says:

    Too clever!

  2. IrieMomma Says:

    I haven’t been here in ages, but I see you’ve really come a long way in your Unschooling journey. As a homeschooling Momma who struggles constantly with balancing Charlotte Mason and Waldorf and Unschooling and just living … who spends half her time trying to PLAN what we are GOING TO DO while we keep on DOING what it is we are DOING now (learning all the time) … I am wondering if you have any advice for being able to truly let go. Also, what about rhythm and routine. Do you have a basic rhythm that you follow? Weekly? Daily? Chores? Reading aloud? Getting outside? 🙂

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Honestly to be able to truly let go will all depend on you. This will be your journey into how programed you are to what learning really looks like. Until you can see that real learning looks nothing like school, unschooling will be hard for *you* the parent. This is not something that will happen overnight.

      For starters think how you learned what you know today. In your case I will use homeschooling as an example. How did you learn how to homeschool your girls? Did you research? Check books out from the library? Read online, find homeschooling e-mail groups to belong too? That is real learning. Something you learned all on your own because you wanted too (because nobody can *make* anyone learn anything). The same works for our children too. 🙂

      Little Sis who is now 7 learned to read while playing Animal Jam on-line. In the beginning I needed to sit with her to read what other kids were asking her and typed what she wanted to say to them. After a while she began to recognize words that were used a lot like Hi, no, yes and before long was typing her own answers. She learned to read and type because *she* wanted to play Animal Jam, *she* had real reasons to want to.

      Sky loves to draw and has a bucket filled with her favorite supplies she takes everywhere. She learned how to draw water drops from finding videos of rain and ripples on YouTube and watched them over and over. She turned on the water at the sink and watched how it would drop into a bowl. She looked at other artists on-line how they drew drops. She learned about water flow, rain, artists, geometry all because *she* wanted to be able to draw drops.

      I really, really recommend reading the Living Joyfully Unschooling Blog.

      As far as rhythm I follow the girls lead. When Little Sis wants me to read a story we do. The girls play outside whenever they want too. We go to the Library and the girls pick out what they want. Sky is really into Marvel comics and manga so when she finds a series she likes we buy them for her. When the girls want to play a game video or a card game we play. It really is a whole lifestyle change.

      Hope this helps.

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