A Week In The Life / A Picture Says What?


A new poem from Hi Five Magazine (April 2013)

Miss Sky





Little Sis





Manga reading plus shopping for more (and Princess Tutu anime with Mama hooked again)


Animal Jam and a summer carnival

Peace for the journey.


2 Responses to “A Week In The Life / A Picture Says What?”

  1. JAmie Says:

    hey there I LUV the poetry board,its so cute!!!!!I just finished reading your previous entry about not feeling like you have to post about schooling.I am TRYING so hard to RELAX and NOT PUSH subjects that Zachary is not interested in.He doesnt like grammar or science so what do I do,part of me feels like I should be teaching them and then the other half is saying let it go and move on.He is learning science when he is out hunting or cutting wood with his dad or out in the barn with the animals.we need to meet at the apple orchard or park soon .

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Yes that would be great. We could have a picnic and I could answer your questions in person while the kiddos play. 🙂

      Not only is he learning science while he hunts but probably knows more than kids his age in school. Think of everything one must know about in order to hunt. He is learning how to clean too I am sure.

      I love to write, always have if given the chance I would have loved to write for television or magazines. I stink at spelling, really like need to write it out to see if it looks right, yet here I am writing a blog. I am still learning about grammar at my age. I remember nothing from school except a capital letter starts a sentence and you end with a period. I know what a noun and verb is but so what? I catch college grads who still mix up their and there.

      If it was my job to know proper grammar or if I did become that writer then yes it would be important. Sky really is looking at going to a tech school. She is looking at art, computer grapics, and special effects. Since she wants to go she knows there will be things she will need to know in order to get in. She is prepared to learn those things because she wants to go just like I am still working on my grammar and spelling because I like to write.

      It will take a while for him to trust you will not pull out the worksheets but he will find an interest, the world is way too interesting not to (though I think he has you just need to be able to step away from school to see it 🙂 ).

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