A Week In The Life In Pictures (Ridin The Storms Out)

So the start of the week was beautiful! Papa finished our new project and the weather was perfect.


There was pizza


(the little one being mama’s gluten and dairy free pizza)

and games


(with Little Sis kicking our butts with the railroads)


and finally the arrival of Little Sis’s new manga, (that she has already asked for the next one because she loves it, and being it is made for her age I do too.) and new games,


with Miss Sky finding her first M for mature game (besides Mortal Kombat) that she watched first on YouTube to make sure it would be okay, and a new family game.

Fluxx is a must for any game collection. I love that there are many different types to fit your family, such as Zombie Fluxx, or Family Fluxx but we of course settled for The Wizard of Oz Fluxx (because we our huge Oz fans of the book series and can’t wait for the new movie to come to out on Dvd).

What I love about the game Fluxx is the game rules and goals are always changing so you never know who the winner could be. The game itself is played by following the directions on the cards you play thus always changing the outcome.

Then the storms came.



At first it just rained and there was running around the yard getting soaked and lots of puddle jumping and laughter.

Then this happened


which thankfully fell the opposite direction of the house only taking out part of our fence.

Then this happened,


the other half of the first branch fell(yes the first picture is just half of the branch split in two I think by lightning).


What’s ironic is while the other half of the branch was still up in the tree it looked like it would fall on our garage. So we pulled our van out and moved our grill and kept our fingers crossed it would stay up until the tree specialists came, but NO, nope not us. It fell the complete opposite way on our brand new lovely deck Papa just finished building 2 days before.

Our we the most unlucky? Little Sis doesn’t think so, “mom I don’t think we have lots of bad luck, I think we have lots of good luck. Two HUGE branches fell from our tree and nobody was hurt. They didn’t fall on our house and we didn’t lose power and know what we have lots and lots of wood for winter.”

Little Sis the optimist who always manages to find the best in every situation, I sure could learn a lot from her. 🙂

Peace for the journey.




3 Responses to “A Week In The Life In Pictures (Ridin The Storms Out)”

  1. JAmie Says:

    WOW,I have to agree with her on this at least you guys were not enjoying the patio at the time the tree came down.The Pizza looks great,send me the recipe,please,I am always looking for an new dough to try,thanks

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Being that my sister and oldest might enjoy me posting the recipe as well I will put it on my blog the next time a get a few minutes. 🙂

  2. Nikole Says:

    Oh, I love little optimists! But sorry to hear about your tree and deck.

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