“Real Learning”

What I write here I learned from others who have gone before me, from real radical unschoolers who not only walk the walk but whose children are now grown and adults themselves. To me in my opinion they have proven radical unschooling works, to me if you are seriously interested in learning about radical unschooling they are “the” experts and there is no better place to learn.

I also know reading about it and actually trusting it works and doing it are two different things. Reading is easy, it’s safe. It’s “sure I believe it could work” but being afraid to take the plunge.

“How did you let go?” “How did you get over the hump?” I took the plunge!

I “read a little” from those experts who went before me, and I “tried a little” of what they mentioned, then I “waited a while” to see if they were right (which they were 🙂 ) and “watched”.  I watched and saw what “real learning” looked like.

This did not happen overnight. In fact my “deschooling” lasted a year. I blogged about it. Looking back at those posts I laugh but I know it was a process that could not be skipped and very much-needed to happen in order to get where we are now.

I also know I am still learning and will continue to do so before our journey ends.

I love unschooling! I love writing about our learning adventures and I love talking about it with those who are interested but something I learned along the way is in order for one to do it *you* need to do it.

There is no magic answer or guide to follow on how to do it, only the wonderful advice from those who know what worked and what didn’t and what I could add to that comes nowhere close than discovering them for yourself.

If you want to know what real learning looks like this is a great place to start.


Peace for the journey.


2 Responses to ““Real Learning””

  1. Ingi (@ingidefygravity) Says:

    You know, I think my uncertainty only comes from having to report to the State authority. If I didn’t have to demonstrate that we are meeting the syllabus, I’d blow it all off and have such trust in the process – that they would learn all they needed and that real learning was indeed happening. We get to do “real” learning some of the time, but that reporting thing means we do tick off someone else’s agenda.

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Oh yes following your state, countries laws is a must! Some of us are more lucky than others as far as what those laws are and it is very important to know what your laws are where you live. Very good point!

      That is why there is no guide on how to unschool, it will be different for every family wherever they may live. I do think knowing what real learning looks like can still make a *huge* difference in your families relationship and give you the parent confidence in homeschooling that indeed your child is very-much so learning.

      It can also help parents of school children relax and realize “perfect grades” may not be as important as the relationship with your child.

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