A Week In The Life (In Pictures, Flowers, Flowers, Tree)

More Indiana storms, the kind where it rains for a minute and then the sun comes out then the temps drop from the high 80s to the low 50s and you need to get the jackets back out after washing them 3 times already putting them up for summer, yeah gotta love Indiana weather.


Gift of roses from a lady named Rose because she knows the girls are really into flowers right now.



Trying our hand at potpourri making.



Peonies retain their smell even after being dried, we still have some dried from last year that have their smell.


Me organizing a weeks worth of meals adding chicken back on the menu thanks to our poultry farmer. We purchase 12 chickens twice a year cooking with 2 at a time once a month(and I didn’t forget about a pizza recipe 🙂 ).


Game of the week, followed by the movie Clash Of The Titans, and finishing Princess Tutu.


Scribblenauts from Miss Sky


Scratch from Little Sis

and saying goodbye to a tree,


your shady branches shall be missed.

childrens museum 210

Peace for the journey.


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