Little Comments

One of our family movies recently was Disney’s Hunchback Of Notre Dame. Miss Sky took much interest in this time period and has been asking all kinds of questions. We watched this movie two months ago and our conversation is still ongoing.

Miss Sky: ” Mom do you think it fair just because the gypsies were different and didn’t want to follow the Catholic church’s rules that they were burned at the stake?  Mom has men always used their power to control women? Mom what time period did The Hunchback take place? How far after this time period was the Victorian time period?”

Okay she now has taken interest in the anime Black Butler which takes place during the Victorian time period.

Miss Sky: ” Mom when did burning at the stake end? Mom what types of punishments existed during the Victorian time period?”

Me searching my brain for connections, okay Victorian times, Charles Dickens, work houses, reformation, Martin Luther, men: ” Well why don’t we google and have us a look.” 🙂

Oh and I am picking up a copy of The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo from the library to have me a read. (Our listen to it for free at LibriVox).


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