A Week In The Life (Bustin’ Out )


Learning that fresh wood is much easier to split than waiting until after it dries ( and being thankful for another warm winter).


Our favorite way to make popcorn (popped in coconut oil and salt) and a favorite park snack.


New discovery bag items, ( a small bag filled with items I bring along on outings stored in my backpack)


and the game where one person starts a sentence and everyone adds on a word  (Sky “The”, Sis” fat”, me “cat”, Sky” sat”, Sis “by”, me “a”…….., finished “The fat cat sat by a big fat mouse.”  🙂 , they can get very silly).

A hike, nature scavenger hunt, creek stomping, swings, slides, rocks.


Big rocks,


little rocks,


meditative rocks,


and kindness rocks (to take back with us and drop to plant a little kindness).


Library summer reading,


and late night fires.


Me discovering a new favorite gluten-free treat


or Johnny cakes as they are called here in the states(cornmeal pancakes). You can add corn inside for dinner or maple syrup for breakfast. I love them with homemade blueberry jam.


At least getting our tomato plants planted,


we’ve had lots of rainy days making it hard to till our garden.

On an end note (to self) we had enough frozen corn on the cob from last summers farmers market to last us all winter and spring. We did about 50 ears. This year I will be freezing berries along with making jam to use in smoothies.

Peace for the journey.


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