A Week In The Life ( Sweet Summertime)


Welcome Summer!

We celebrated summer solstice with a fire in the back yard and busting out the kiddie pool.

We have also been paying closer attention to the different phases of the moon this week and both girls are beginning to recognize a few constellations.


Let’s see more drawings from Miss Sky (as well as more Black Butler with her already finishing the first book)




Some drawings from Little Sis too


(I love the cracked glasses 🙂 )

and playing at Disney Create.


I want to go off on a small tangent and use this picture to mention how the girls learn spelling and grammar in our home since there are no worksheets or spelling tests.

Part of my job as an unschooling parent is to help make sure opportunities present themselves. The more opportunities the girls have to spell and write the more they learn how to spell and write (real reasons from the real world).

Right now Little Sis is playing around with the tools she has already accumulated (and pieces she has connected)sounding out how words are spelled, like the word because up above.

As her partner I mentioned what a great job she did sounding out her words and told her that “because” is tricky as it does sound like there is a z but then told her how it was really spelled. She got it.

I also explained how “don’t” is what we call a contraction and means combining 2 words together to make one and so it needs an apostrophe. That’s it. Little reminders not lectures. When another piece of the puzzle connects for her she will understand and get that too just like Miss Sky did.

Games, and we are 1/3 of the way through Nick St. North.


I have finally made my way around to starting the last book in the Inheritance Cycle. I know this series isn’t the best ever written (tough to beat King’s Gunslinger series in my own opinion) but for his first time I am pretty impressed and have slowly worked my way through picking out my favorite characters.


Yeah, summer I think we are really going to enjoy you this year.


Peace for the journey.


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