A Week In The Life (“When The Moon Hits Your Eye”…)


like a big 16 inch pizza pie it’s a “supermoon”. 🙂


Yes lots of conversations about outer space this week as we wrapped up our moon phase gazing with the biggest full moon of the year (wish I could say that it was perfectly planned but nah it was purely coincidence) .

Miss Sky has always been interested in outer space and “science” in general with all the possibilities that could be out there in undiscovered space so some new materials found their way out in view for discovery.


“Strewing” tip 101 (I am having a bit of fun with this post if you couldn’t already tell), but really a step that I think gets overlooked in radical unschooling, besides deschooling, is strewing. At least I know it gets overlooked in “interest” or “child-led learning”.


“How will my child learn about things if they don’t even know they exist?”

I like to collect things that interest me or that could create some curiosity in our home. Sometimes I share my discoveries right away. Sometimes I store them away to be discovered at a later time. I have been collecting objects about outer space ever since I watched the HBO series From The Earth To The Moon when it came out years ago. I myself have always found it to be interesting so I couldn’t wait to “strew” a few of my items. Again these are items placed out and about to be discovered or not. Sometimes an item may not cause any interest, yet and that is okay too.

Something else I had put away from our “school at home” days was a United States puzzle that Little Sis found and wanted to put together.


I was amazed at how many states she already knew by having a map out available to view when making purchases from EBay or seeing where family members have traveled.

Let’s see, Minecraft from both girls


and more drawings.


(Little Sis)


More Summer reading


and games.


(We are now 2/3 of the way through Nicholas St. North)

More swimming and “I know what 20 plus 20 plus 20 is, 60. 3 plus 3 is 6 and 3 more is 9.” Which led to conversations with Little Sis about multiplication.


Little Sis adding to the leftovers board


and smoothie requests.

Another small tangent, television or “screens” and food are *the* most asked topics in radical unschooling. Trusting one with their own decisions to learn what interests them “I get”. Trusting one to make their own decisions about evil “screens” and food, not so much.

People seem to only hear “give your child all the sugar they want” and not the ” be your child’s partner and help them make their own choices”. Children don’t like being sick but when you put restrictions on certain foods those foods naturally become more desirable (unless of course like myself your child has been diagnosed with an allergy). Since the girls are being raised with no food restrictions they get to choose which foods they want to eat.

Both of the girls love fruit. Right now I have a basket that sits out on our island that is filled with apples, oranges, and peaches they asked for. There is also 1/4 of a watermelon left in the refrigerator and bananas too. Little Sis loves smoothies and they have become my new favorite treat since eliminating dairy from my diet (I use coconut milk yogurt or coconut milk). I also have a shelf in our kitchen that holds 6 large mason jars filled with different types of candy they asked for too. I don’t keep tabs of what gets eaten the most but I will say I need to by fruit weekly, the candy about every other month.

Which brings me to our garden,


very soon we will have tomatoes too (fried green tomatoes are my most favorite food ever!) 🙂

Peace for the journey.


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