A Week In The Life (Cookin’ Mama & Woodworking Papa)

It has been a very productive week around these parts. The weather this summer has been very mild as we’ve really only used the air conditioner 1 week. However it has rained, rained, and rained some more (again not complaining at all compared to last year) making summer plans of camping and picnics in the park with a hike here and there difficult ( not to mention the mosquitoes are terrible) . So working around the house we have been (okay I promise no more Yoda talk in this post at least).

I think I will begin this post with Independence Day (or week πŸ™‚ ).


Last year fireworks were canceled here in our state due to the drought. This year I think everyone made up for lost time. So that meant we didn’t even need to leave our yard. This picture was taken from our front step.

There was new games from both girls.


(Papa’s Hot Doggeria at GirlGames.com from Little Sis)


(WolfQuest from Miss Sky)

Drawings? Always.


If you have been reading here a while you already know the girls love to make paper dolls and creations, they always have. Actually I am going to say homemade paper dolls have been the girls most favorite toys to play with, when Waldorf and still as Radical Unschoolers (and we are very lucky that all the paper they use is recycled from Papa’s work.)

“Mom I would love to be able to make toys for a living.” I seriously think they could and who knows maybe they will.


(Miss Sky)


(Little Sis)

More games while the rain was on break


and it was a great week to finish our book Nicholas St. North.

Our opinion? Well we are waiting for the next book in the series to arrive. Both girls really enjoyed this book and it did not disappoint in explaining how Pitch became the Nightmare King and we even learn about Santa’s past. It is a quick read without too many details (I don’t know if it is my age or what but I am finding that where I once enjoyed reading 1000 page books now I like when the author can get right to the point.) and the literature is rich not speaking down to children and yet not overly complicated if the girls wanted to reread it on their own (and the illustrations are icing on the cake) .

The short version, we liked it. πŸ™‚

What about cooking, you know like my title says? Yes I’ve taken advantage of the mild temps with a little baking this summer. Since I am the only one going gluten-free instead of trying to replace all foods I ate that contained gluten with gluten-free products, I’ve tried finding new recipes that naturally didn’t ever contain gluten in the first place.

We have always loved the sweet glazed nuts recipe in the cookbook Feeding The Whole Family and I don’t really know why I ever stopped having them available for snacking, well they have been added back on the menu as well as more granola.


We are very blessed that several people Papa works with have organic gardens or farms. As we get our eggs and most of our produce from them. This week it was zucchini and cabbage (and bacon from our hog farmer).


I made zucchini hash browns for breakfast that was delicious


and fried cabbage as a side with dinner (yum!),


and just because gluten-free peanut butter brownies.



“Can I help mom, can I.”


Little Sis has taken great interest in cooking with me, she reminds me so much of Big Sis. Another favorite gluten-free recipe enjoyed by all is flourless peanut butter cookies.


I am also pretty blessed to have a husband who loves to build because Pinterest sure has him busy. πŸ™‚


The girls were needing a place for all this new manga they are bringing in and I knew the perfect spot to set up bookshelves, behind their door. You know that space behind the bedroom door that never can be used for anything? Yeah there.


Then there is that space behind the front door and the fact that the girls never seem able to reach the coat hook, yeah he took care of that too, thanks Papa! (he made the shoe rack as well.)



Maybe the rain *is* good for more than just getting things wet. πŸ™‚

Peace for the journey.


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