“Learning must be meaningful”

Okay if you already read Sandra Dodd’s Just Add Light And Stir Posts then I am sorry for the repeats but I just can’t help myself, so much wonderful information.

Today’s quote linked to a page written by Pam Sorooshian, whose 3 radical unschooled children are now grown.

You can find more of her writing, as well as one of her daughters, at the Always Learning Yahoo group, Sandra Dodd’s website (Sandradodd.com), or her blog Learning Happens (seriously I could fill a whole page with Pam’s credentials).


Everything that I try to write here when asked about radical unschooling revolves around this quote by Pam.

“Learning must be meaningful. When a person doesn’t see the point, when they don’t know how the information relates or is useful in “the real world,” then the learning is superficial and temporary – not “real” learning.”

You can read more of Pam’s Principles Of Unschooling here.


I have witnessed “real learning” through my children, myself, and my husband. This is why I know radical unschooling works. This is why I myself am so confident. I wasn’t always, I too had fears that I needed to overcome but I needed to face those fears for us to get where we are now.

Peace for the journey.


2 Responses to ““Learning must be meaningful””

  1. Ingi (@ingidefygravity) Says:

    If only the buggers at the Board of Studies felt the same way 😦

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      I know. It can be so frustrating to know something works and having your hands tied not being able to do anything about it.

      This is the reason I chose to homeschool in the first place but I do feel for those who do not share the same laws as ourselves.

      I do hope though the more unschoolers write about how their children learn the more educators will see and maybe something will be done. 🙂

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