Week In The Life (Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah… Catwomen)

I could pretty much sum this week up in one sentence, DC Comics and swimming with a few games and stories sprinkled here and there.

Wow, could this be the shortest post ever? Will this heroic mama be able to bounce back and what about the girls, could this be the end to their summer of learning?

Holy smokes I hope not.

Yeah well unfortunately I don’t know what a short post is, 🙂

so let’s start with Batman. Like in the series from the 60s to Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns to Batman The Animated Series. Which led us on a Catwoman comic hunt (thankfully the girls already had a good start to their collection from my brother-in-law)


and more paper doll creations.



There was a trip to the library with Little Sis picking out the movie Tangled and adding a few books of fairy tales to our pile.

Besides our usual Wii Party and Pac-Man Party the girls really got in with the 3DS game Freaky Forms this week. This is another game I needed to buy 2 of. You get to create your own world full of creatures using different kinds of shapes.


Sometimes it is good to leave the blackboard blank, sometimes what they come up with is better than what I would have.


Adding a picture of the half moon to our other photos.


More of Little Sis’s art work


and the first picks from our garden. For Papa and I green tomatoes cannot grow fast enough.


Thanks to a big warm front and 90 degree temps I am 1/3 of the way through my book already but alas the rain has come yet again. Well I guess there are some closets that need downsized and carpets that need cleaning and rooms that need dusting and……

oh and Learn Nothing Day on July 24 to prepare for, got to make sure no learning happens on that day. Maybe this year we will try to sleep through it. 🙂


Peace for the journey.


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