Little Comments

It is no surprise to me that Miss Sky has taken much interest in burnings at the stake. I mean after all this is the child at the age of 8 loved learning about all things Pompeii and still remembers when Mt. Vesuvius erupted. And whose mother took upon herself to learn all things about the Titanic, Joan of Arc, Salem witch trials, Ted Bundy, okay I’ve said too much. 😉

As mentioned previously she is immersed in the Victorian time period and the Disney version of Hunchback of Notre Dame. She actually recorded the song Hellfire to her 3DS and has the lyrics memorized.

Miss Sky while playing Scribblenauts Unlimited: “Mom I know what Frollo means when he says “Don’t let this siren cast her spell”. A Siren is from Greek Mythology and was considered evil by luring sailors into the rocks so they would shipwreck.”

Oh so many connections, so little time.


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