A Thank You Note (On Learn Nothing Day And My 4th Year Of Blogging Anniversary)

*Warning* If you were planning on celebrating Learn Nothing Day today skip this post because you will fail by learning more about us. 🙂

” How about this, for a birthday party. Write someone (not me, someone else) a little thank you note for something they might not even know you appreciated.” (The person who owns this quote knows who they are and to you I tip my hat in gratitude.)

Today for a certain someone’s birthday a present of thankfulness and gratitude has been asked. As someone who is very thankful for all the positive changes that have happened in our family, since making the decision to be our children’s partner, I knew who I was going to thank.

During Father’s Day weekend while standing in line at the grocery store the cashier asked if we had any big plans. In which I replied “Well we kind of live our life like everyday is Father’s Day, or Mother’s Day, or Kid’s Day for that matter.” In which the cashier paused to look up at us from scanning our items and replied “That’s nice, that’s how we all should live our life.”

She is right it is such a rewarding life I live. Since choosing to homeschool my life has changed in ways I never thought possible. The gifts and lessons I have received and learned from this little family of mine I would *never* trade for anything in the world.

If it was not for my daughter I would never have thought about venturing down this path of homeschooling, so to you I say THANK YOU!


There is a wonderful article about homeschooling in Malaysia I am going to quote from.


“Both Chong and Haslinda say parents who want to homeschool their kids need to do more than think outside the box; they have to throw the box away!”

Thank You for not only helping me to think outside the box but for making me throw the damn box away!

conner prairie 146

Thank You for challenging my thoughts about parenting and learning. Thank You for showing me that one size does not fit all. Thank You for being a square peg in a round hole world.

childrens museum 382

Thank You for making me step outside my comfort zone over and over again. Thank You for helping me see wealth does not come from money and gifts do not come from stores.

Thank You for showing me the true meaning of success. Thank You for helping me discover who I am.

lord of the rings

Thank You for showing me learning can happen outside of books. Thank You for sharing with me your interests and for making me see television and video games are not “evil demons”. Thank You for helping me discover new interests and being able to share some of mine with you.  Thank You for sharing your creativity and for helping me inspire my own.


Thank You for opening my world to all it’s beauty and connections. Thank You for showing me what real learning looks like. Thank You for wanting to spend time with me. Thank You for giving me a reason to start writing. Thank You for helping me overcome my shyness and push through my fears.

Thank You for making me see you are not me. Thank You for showing me how to be the parent I always wanted and for paving the way for your little sister. Since opening my mind you have helped me see you and Little Sis as individuals making her life so much more enjoyable too.


Thank You both for the many smiles and helping me discover true happiness. Thank You for helping me find peace. Thank You for helping me find my confidence. Thank You for helping me live a life of no regrets.

Thank You for sharing this journey of life with me, I truly feel like the “richest (wo)man in town”.

kids 665


2 Responses to “A Thank You Note (On Learn Nothing Day And My 4th Year Of Blogging Anniversary)”

  1. Nikole Says:


    Learn Nothing Day was pretty much a flop around here anyway. Darn learning always creeps in.

  2. Ingi (@ingidefygravity) Says:

    Thank YOU for sharing so much and helping remind me of all those great things! And for finally sharing a photo so I can have a mental image of you 🙂

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