Week In The Life (B.O.R.E.D Spells Bored)

Times they are a changing for Little Sis. Her play partner is growing up and playing less. It’s not anything unusual when a child becomes a teen in fact it is actually quite usual. Just for a certain little one it can be, umm how did she put it…… boring.

Whatever will this heroic mom do, tired of the super hero banter already? Okay 🙂

It’s time for me to realize Miss Sky is going to be 13 this year and very capable of diving into her own interests without the help of me so much anymore. She knows where and how to find answers to questions she may have and is not afraid to ask Papa or I (or anyone for that matter) for help when need be. Now this does not mean I no longer share my interests with her or help feed hers, it means I have more time to focus on Little Sis’s.

Unlike Miss Sky’s dislike for “craft time”, Little Sis has always liked it. She has never been “schooled” at home so she doesn’t mind me coming up with “to do” projects, actually she has asked for them. Being such short notice on her part I did my best coming up with a few things using what we had around the house already but I knew it was only a matter of time before she realized my shortcomings (whew, thank goodness for Pinterest).

So for starters I busted out the tangrams.


(Lauri Tangrams)

We worked puzzles


and I pulled out the wooden peg dolls.


She did some drawing on her own


(I love her Rapunzel and Esmeralda)

and she wanted to practice some stitching.


She is still a little leery of using a metal needle but her stitching has improved a lot. Not once did she forget which way she was sewing.

There are new drawings from Miss Sky


and she all of sudden has taken interest in taking things apart to see how they are put together (I see a trip to Goodwill soon).


The rain brought much cooler temps, high 70s, so there was a request for Beef Stew (using our homemade beef broth)


and a fire in the backyard.

The girls learned how to play Yahtzee


with us first playing on teams, Little Sis and myself against Papa and Miss Sky. Really we acted more like partners showing them what they could do while the girls played each other. Miss Sky won by rolling a Yahtzee twice. Then we all played against each other where Little Sis won.

Of course we played some other games too


with the girls getting really good at the game Wii Music.

Learn Nothing Day you ask? If you didn’t already know we failed. We always fail. Even though the girls are given this one day off every year they really don’t seem very interested in not learning anything and honestly I’m glad. 🙂

Peace for the journey.


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