“Homegrown Knowledge “

Okay first I want to say I love the title to this video, Homegrown Knowledge.

Second I love these children! The little girl had me smiling ear to ear. “First grade math isn’t really math, it’s color in all the 5s” Yes! What a smart cookie she is.

I understand *why* school was set up the way it is. 20-(more like)35 children all at different learning stages with one teacher trying to teach a certain concept. I understand being in a brick and mortar building “supplies” are limited to worksheets and textbooks. I understand teachers can’t give their students cash and take them to the store to learn about money. I understand all that (I love when people feel the need to explain this to me as if I didn’t go to school myself or something).

I have never, ever, ever been anti teacher. Actually I am very thankful for those who choose this field and understand why schools need to exist. Not every child has responsible parents.

I am not one of those parents though and since the girls choose not to go to school trying to change the school system is not one of my priorities. Showing that there is more than one way to learn however is.

Being that my children are not confined to a brick and mortar building their “supplies” are pretty much unlimited. The girls don’t need textbooks or worksheets to learn. They learn by doing “real world” things.

They learn to read by them having real reasons to read. They learn to write by them having real reasons to write. They learn mathematics by doing “real” mathematics not some premade equations created on a piece of paper.

*Why* is knowing multiplication helpful? Not memorizing a bunch of multiplication facts to forget later. *Why* is knowing measurements helpful? Not memorizing 12 inches make a foot and 3 feet make a yard to pass a test. *Why* would I need to know percentages?

Once you understand this you begin to realize there is no need to recreate a brick and mortar building at home (unless you have *laws* where you live telling you otherwise). There is no reason to buy a curriculum. Our children live in the “real world”, their world *is* the “curriculum”.

Peace for the journey.


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