Week In The Life (Roma, roma, ma, Ramona ooh la la and A Few Thoughts)

Our roma and grape tomatoes are  coming in and salads have been a plenty around here.


This week I have been doing a lot of thinking (too much actually) about some “things” going around in the unschooling on-line “community”. I am not a drama seeker and try to stay as clear as possible from negativity. So my original intent was to say nothing and in a way that is what I’m going to do (if you have no idea what I am talking about count yourself blessed and turn your attention back to your kiddies :)). However there is a bit too much swirling taking place in my brain not to address a few things.

One, this is my blog. What I write here is for me. It is, as my dad calls it, my homeschooling journal. It helps me to stay focused and on track of what the girls are learning. It helps out of state family see what we have been up to and what the girls interests are since they are not in school or close by. It also serves as proof *we* are indeed homeschooling for if ever I need it.

I have always wrote open and honestly about our homeschooling journey without digging too deep into our families privacy. Being this blog is for me I respect the other family members choice not to share any and everything. I choose not to bring negativity here because it makes me happy to read back over posts. I don’t want to remember the tears BUT I have shared some of those here too and those posts are not hard to find if that is what you need.

I could have chosen to keep my blog from the public but I have learned SO much from others sharing their homeschooling journey I wanted to do the same. I have met some really nice people and have made friends thanks to my blog too. 🙂

Now for the point, please don’t ever take what I say here as golden truth. I am NOT an expert but learning the same as most of you. I share what products or games that have worked for us because they *really* did work for us not because I am trying to make money (I have never received anything not even free coins for mentioning Animal Jam, Minecraft or Disney). In fact I have chosen to take pictures of our products instead of sharing links because I realized I am giving people free advertisements. I would much prefer *you* the reader to choose where you might want to purchase something if at all.

Please if you read something here that has worked for our family and you don’t understand it DON”T DO IT until you do. This is why I try to always post links or videos to where I learned it from. I question my thinking as to why I do or did what I’ve done and gradually make a change. Like why didn’t I like television? Or why can’t the girls read picture books? Why can’t they make their own choices?

Know *your* homeschooling laws and follow them not mine. I am truly blessed to live in a state where I don’t need to test or have to check in with the school system but if I did or ever do I know unschooling enough to explain it and have the proof to back it.

One last thing not all radical unschoolers are overweight!! I am back to the above photo now. 🙂 I have been seeing a lot of negative bull shit, sorry folks but really, about radical unschooling. Just because there are some terrible, terrible examples of radical unschooling does not mean all of us are that way. This would be like me saying ALL schools are bad, or ALL teachers are bad, or ALL religious people are bad because of a few bad seeds. Come on people just because a person might have gotten their feelings hurt and wants to tell the world does not mean it is *always* truth. Think for yourself! See for yourself!

My children choose to eat salad or fruit, they like it. My children can also choose to eat cookies and cakes and do. My children prefer a home cooked meal over *any* restaurant but once in a while they choose to eat out. The “proof” is in having a *choice* but don’t just take my word on it, gradually try it for yourself if you want and if you don’t, don’t.

Still with me? It does feel good to finally get all that out. 🙂

Working around the house we sill are. Our wood pile is overflowing and now we are working on next years stash.


The girls have been helping out too.

Minecraft from both girls


as well as Club Penguin (both girls love the Star Wars addition).


Which brings me to this weeks games



(Disney Pictionary)

and a family watching of my favorite Laurel and Hardy movie Sons Of The Desert.

There was haircuts, given by me, and Little Sis requested rereading one of her favorite chapter books Beezus and Ramona (so guess how she wanted her hair?)


and if you didn’t already know, lots of drawing.

Wishing everyone peace for the journey.


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