Little Comments (From Mom)

Enjoying my Zen tea this morning (thanks Shelley 🙂 ) with the windows open and the feel of the cool breeze listening to the quiet before the girls wake( and the children here are back to school).

It is during this quiet time my mind begins to wonder, wonder what will become of our day. When Miss Sky wakes will she go for her music like most mornings. I can’t complain how many days I spent behind closed doors escaping my world through music. I love that the girls feel they can share their interests with Papa and I. Closed doors don’t happen often around here unless one of us introverts need time to replenish.

Then my mind drifts to other common places homeschooling, life’s limitations, money, economy. Homeschooling, yes I would much rather think upon that.

I have always had a mix of comments when people learn we homeschool. Some, like our neighbor, don’t really understand why we would want to (even though they are elderly and have not stepped foot inside of school for several years). Others question my abilities, but I will say the majority have been rather supportive.

While at the doctor’s office getting prepped for my endoscopy the nurses asked about my little family. One was *very* impressed how polite and well mannered (and cute with their little flowers in their hair) the girls were behaving in the office while waiting for me to recover. She asked what school they attended? I usually don’t advertise “hey we are homeschoolers” unless asked. After she learned we homeschooled her response was rather positive. “One of our nurses left to homeschool her children.”

I am beginning to hear more comments from people who know homeschoolers. Like when I went to visit with my ex boss and she learned we homeschooled. “Yes my daughter wants to homeschool.
Our neighbor homeschooled their 5 children.” I like it. 🙂

Anyway my nurse started mentioning that she was really surprised at how much there was available for homeschoolers today.

The comments I hear most though are from parents who have children that just don’t “fit” into school. Seriously the negative comments mostly come from elderly people or people in the “school” system itself and don’t really come up as often anymore.

Like when the air conditioner repair man serviced ours he noticed the chalkboard, games, and books and asked “do you guys homeschool?” When we said yeah he shook Papa’s hand and started telling us how they would like to homeschool their son. He went on to tell us all the troubles his son was having in school.
The same happens with people at Papa’s work.

Please don’t get me wrong I have friends whose children are doing *great* in the school system too. I mean really focused and doing really good. I am not here to defend the school system though (they have enough people doing that).

I love that we chose homeschooling. I know the girls are too (and they will tell you so 🙂 ). The relationship it has built between us is priceless.

I try my best to listen, answer their questions and direct them to our local homeschooling laws. Really that is all I can do. In a way it kind of feels good hearing their stories. I can relate. I guess that is what drives me to write, to share our story here. I think it is helpful when we can honestly share our struggles. To let others know you are not alone and to say I know another way.

Peace for the journey.


One Response to “Little Comments (From Mom)”

  1. Nikole Says:

    I’m glad you share your stories here on your blog 🙂 It is nice to know we are not alone!

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