Week In The Life (Peaches, Tomatoes, Corn, And Apples Grow)

Or more simply put the week of staying cool but that didn’t sound like a very good title. 🙂

I guess summer wasn’t completely done with us after all. Really I can’t complain we haven’t needed the air conditioner much this year but this weeks humidity had Papa filling the kiddie pool again.


Inspired play from Life of Pi which was our family movie of the week.

There was cicada shell hunts with Big Sis and Little Sis

big sis

(Picture by Big Sis)

and surprise garage sale presents from Papa too.


I love Papa surprises(The empty jar is now the new home for our rice and yes more tomato sauce).

New drawings,


some reading,


and games, bringing Wizard Junior out of retirement.


There was a Not Back To School gathering of homeschoolers where we met some very sweet new friends.


With the apple orchard being so close to our favorite park we decided a hike and apple slushies’ sounded good


and brought home a few treats.


Yes ready for Fall we are. 🙂

Peace for the journey.


2 Responses to “Week In The Life (Peaches, Tomatoes, Corn, And Apples Grow)”

  1. Ingi Mc Says:

    We loved Life of Pi too!!! And we have matching board games 😉

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