Week In The Life (“Curiosity Killed The Cat You Know ?” )

“I Know.” 🙂

This weekend our local history museum, Connor Prairie, held a curiosity fair. With perfect temps in the 70s we couldn’t resist.

I will be honest and say most of the attractions the girls either already knew, which as a homeschooling family put a smile on my face, or had seen before with the exception of the egg catapult.


It was fun trying to see if we could keep a catapulted egg from cracking


but of course we failed. We had our eggs really secure too I think with different supplies we could have done it. Who knows maybe we will have to try again. 🙂

I was happy to see a washing machine, though not exactly like my grandmothers but close enough, that I loved helping my grandma do laundry with.


Friday was wash day and I loved helping my grandmother wash then rinse and hang the laundry out to dry. Even though she had an electric washer and dryer she still did her laundry this way until it became too hard for her.

The original 1823 Connor Homestead (a fur trader and Indiana statesman) which overlooks acres of beautiful prairie, hence it’s name.


As many times as we have been we always learn something new. This time we learned the reason they didn’t have closets was because every room in the house was taxed including the closets.

Next was visits to 1836 Prairietown but our favorite was the new 1863 Civil War Journey.


It depicted actions of real people based on letters and historic research of an attack by General Morgan and the confederates on the town of Dupont.


The girls learned a lot and we had a very interesting conversation on how scary it would have been to live during that time. It also helps to have a husband who pretty much knows everything about the Civil War, it is his favorite time period.

No visit is ever complete without animals.


Miss Sky found a new game at gogirlsgames.com called Block Story she has been playing most of the week


and of course there is always Minecraft


and games (but you already knew that I’m sure).


Oh how I love homeschooling!

Peace for the journey.


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