Week In The Life (“I Can See For Miles And Miles”)

Happy Autumn and what a beautiful Autumn week it was!

This week I talked with another new homeschooler from Papa’s work who pulled their 8th grader out of school. I never thought I, shy me, would ever become a contact person for homeschooling yet here I am talking with complete strangers about something I am really passionate about.

When talking with new homeschoolers I have learned ,from being one myself, not to try and persuade someone into unschooling. Radical unschooling has worked wonderful for our family but that does not mean it will for everyone. It is best to find out what they want from homeschooling and help point them in that direction; however the conversation always comes to what we do and then the questions.

“How do you homeschool more than one class?”

So I thought I would take a moment and explain how unschooling works for our family here in case there are any new readers.

Unschooling means not school. So for us there is no curriculum, there is no subjects, there is no school at home.

So that means no spelling, math worksheets or workbooks (that is what is used in school and the girls don’t go to school, we are unschoolers 😉 ), and reading is not limited to books.

“So how do your children learn these things?”

By living, but new homeschoolers don’t understand that yet because they are still stuck in school. Why if you choose to unschool you *must* deschool.

How my children learn to spell is by them typing on the computer or YouTube on the Wii everyday. They learn to spell by playing video games and reading. They learn to spell by asking “Mom how do you spell…?” 🙂

They read everyday. They read when playing video games, they read while reading magazines, they read by having subtitles on while watching movies and yes by reading books.

They do mathematics everyday too by playing video games, playing board or card games, cooking, looking up video games or merchandise in general to buy, by getting an allowance and saving or borrowing when going shopping.

I didn’t need to have worksheets explaining place value they learned by earning gems on Animal Jam. Miss Sky learned negative numbers by borrowing from her allowance. Mathematics are everywhere including in art and music. Miss Sky has learned SO much geometry just from her drawings alone.

The girls learn by me following their interests and with me setting up a safe place where that learning can flourish. They learn by living just like humans have done for centuries.

Just this year I needed to cut gluten and dairy out from my diet. I needed to learn a whole new way to cook without gluten. I did not need to go to school to learn this, in fact I don’t think school could have prepared me for this because it had no way of knowing gluten and dairy would be a problem for me in the future. In fact school did not teach me to cook period. I learned by working at a small Mom and Pop store when I moved to Indiana at 18 (Thank You Karen!!).

Carrying an egg around for a week did nothing to prepare me for the journey of parenthood. They couldn’t possibly know I would have a child with learning disabilities.

School leads you to believe it is the only place one can learn. School leads you to believe you need a teacher in order to learn. Our family and *several* others has proven otherwise.

If you live you learn, always learning we are. 🙂

Speaking of gluten-free 🙂 I discovered a flourless vegan banana peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe that is delish.



I used honey instead of agave. Now I know how to use all those over ripe bananas that I used to bake banana bread with.

I mentioned Autumn and beautiful weather well another walk and visit to the apple orchard was suggested




as well as backyard fires.

Speaking of games


(While waiting on dinner)



and Little Sis has been on a reading kick reading just about anything she can get her hands on.



More Cosplay designs form Miss Sky


and just because from Little Sis.


My Little Pony has made it’s way into our home




(Love the cutie marks)

and a Roger Rabbit family movie.

Wishing peace for your own journey.


2 Responses to “Week In The Life (“I Can See For Miles And Miles”)”

  1. Nikole Says:

    Happy autumn to you! Lots of joyful learning going on in your days!

  2. Ingi (@ingidefygravity) Says:

    As it is cooling down there, it is warming up here. Love that. Also love your wonderful learning! Always so inspiring 🙂

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