Week In The Life (” Now What?”)

Okay think of Brad Garrett’s voice from Finding Nemo while reading the title above. 🙂

Now that I have deschooled and am able to see learning in everything we do from watching Black Butler with Miss Sky or My Little Pony with the girls before bed and see connections everywhere and know how to feed an interest and set up our environment conducive to learning and realize learning always happens, now what?

Now it’s time for me to focus on the fact Miss Sky will be 13 years old in 15 days and almost ready for high school. It’s time for me to focus on my goal of learning how to write a transcript for her diploma myself because she would like to attend art school at our local community college. “Mom I am ready now.”

These last few days I have been very busy, busy in the kitchen and busy having conversations with Miss Sky about her future goals (that I know can change at any given moment). It has made me realize there are a few things she needs to work on if she really does plan on seeing these goals through. This is why I love being my children’s partner instead of holding onto a label calling ourselves this or that.

If Little Sis came to me and asked to try school as her partners Papa and I would do what was needed to see that through. I wouldn’t worry that we could no longer call ourselves “unschoolers”. If both girls decided to go to school we wouldn’t even be homeschoolers anymore. My focus is on following *my* children’s interests and making them happy not in what we label ourselves. SO… things might start looking a bit different around here. The difference is *she* wants too.

I am not worried though, not at all. Even though she might be behind in mathematics, in reading, vocabulary, science, and even history she is very advanced for her age. I say getting caught up in mathematics will take maybe a few months.

If there is anything I want to add in this post it is these last 3 years of radical unschooling have been the best thing to ever happen to us. The relationship we have built, me letting go of what I thought learning should look like have really paid off. The girls learning really flourished once I realized this *beyond* what I ever could have imagined. Why stress and have tears for years over something once they are really ready to learn will only take a few months? Maybe it’s not mathematics for you, maybe it’s learning to read. When a child is ready it will happen. 🙂

Kitchen, yes let’s start there.

So besides apples


and applesauce


and gluten and dairy free apple crisp


(Used Cherrybrook yellow cake mix and Earth Balance and poured a little vanilla Silk in my bowl instead of ice cream)

what do you do when your neighbor brings you a whole bag full of peppers and with the last big batch of Roma tomatoes from your garden?

Why make freezer salsa


and breakfast burritos of course.


I tried my hand at making gluten free crepe like tortillas for mine and used the leftovers to make gluten and dairy free burritos for the freezer.


I like Amy’s brand but they are $$ so thought, I could do that.

(crepe recipe)

The girls?

(Miss Sky)

Lots and lots and lots of Minecraft from both girls!






(Brambly Hedge Autumn from Little Sis)

enjoying beautiful weather,


story making,


new beginnings,


and the Dear America series on Netflix.

Peace for the journey.


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