Week In The Life (The Omnipresent Sebastian Michaelis)

I have seen on a couple of my favorite blogs mention a word of the day. I thought instead of a new word everyday we could handle a word of the week. So this week our word was omnipresent. Why, because I read it in my book and thought to myself “that would make a good word of the week”. 🙂

Naturally after learning the definition Miss Sky says “Oh like Sebastian from Black Butler. He seems to be everywhere at the same time. So he is simply one hell of an omnipresent butler. 🙂 ”

Speaking of Black Butler we have finished the second season and while Miss Sky is waiting for the third she has been reading fan fiction stories on her 3ds (Kingdom Hearts too).


“Mom I am catching lots of misspelled words and typing errors.” She has been using her 3ds to look up words she doesn’t know the meaning of too.

Miss Sky finished Junie B. Jones Boo… and I mean it. I had forgotten how much that Junie B. made us laugh. Seriously Junie B. could have been titled Miss Sky, a handful she was (is) I tell you. How boring life would have been without her. 🙂

Little Sis read another one of our favorite autumn stories.


Let’s see there is always Minecraft with the girls building Ponyville, new drawings


(Little Sis)


(Miss Sky)

and watching the show together.

There was a Germany Globe Trekker documentary as well.


A new poem courtesy of October’s High 5 magazine


and learning to play Rummy. Oh and there was others too.


Miss Sky and I have been working together on her cursive and math. She copies the poem in cursive and we do a few problems every day. I am going to need dusting up on my algebra I see, thank goodness for Kahn Academy (Whew).

Cooler temps have brought good smells from the oven including Maple Glazed Walnuts


which I love chopped and added to oatmeal with a little applesauce and maple syrup, yum yum. Recipe from Feeding the Whole family. Of course they are great by themselves and I don’t think will be around very long.

Peace for the journey.


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