Week(s) In The Life (“You Can’t Reason With A Headless (Wo)Man”)

Busy, busy we have been. As you already know there was a birthday then a doctor’s appointment, costume preparations, and a visit to our local history museum for the annual headless horseman hayride.



Yes there you have it folks, it seems I have lost my head (of course some of you already knew that huh? 🙂 ).

Anyhow besides all that there has been lots of reading.


Miss Sky has decided to take turns with me between Ramona books by reading the Junie B. Jones series. Little Sis finished Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus. Small tangent? Yeah.

I see SO many negative reviews of Junie B. Of course every parent is entitled to do what they think best but as someone who has sold several of our books due to “twaddle” and regrets it (thankfully could not get rid of Junie, way too many wonderful memories as this was the first series Miss Sky learned to read) don’t judge a book by it’s cover (or negative reviews). I see many blog posts about “no Dr. Seuss in this house”, or “no Disney”, or “no abridgements”, yeah only the girls like these stories and that is the whole point about books right? For our children to enjoy reading? Trust me it won’t be long before they have moved on to more mature literature.

I said a small one. The ironic thing about all this is Little Sis really doesn’t care for Junie B (night and day I’m telling you which makes finding books to read aloud very challenging). Miss Sky received a Junie B. journal for Christmas one year and wore that thing out SO much we needed to purchase another. Well Little Sis, being a Ramona fan instead, asked if there was a Ramona journal like Sky’s Junie B one. Well I looked and looked and explained that Ramona was an older series and not to get her hopes up but finally while at the store guess what I found?


Yep, I guess the movie release , which was very cute by the way, has made the series popular again (though it has always been popular around this house). Speaking of which I finished reading aloud Ramona and Her Mother. Last but not least Miss Sky and fan fiction? Yes and yes.

Moving on to Minecraft, always lots of Minecraft from both girls.


(Little Sis who is getting really good at windows)


Miss Sky with a new Minecraft companion magazine. Yeah this could have been filed under reading I know but I kind of wanted to make a point how one interest can connect with so many others, I am very sneaky that way. 🙂

Games? Always.


(Forgot to add Connect 4 to the pile.)

Writing? Yes and Miss Sky is catching up in mathematics. Honestly I do believe it is because she wants too. Little Sis? She is constantly coming up with her own problems and ready for multiplication,



and a new poem for this week.


Updated to add that I can’t believe I forgot about us watching BBC’s Human Planet series. SO many ongoing conversations around the breakfast table. Another wonderful BBC documentary. Also our family movie, beside our usual Halloween round ups, Iron Man 3.

From the kitchen, Cinnamon rolls


with the little pan being gluten and dairy free


and Little Sis’s most favorite meal (besides chicken) quiche.


Again the small one is gluten and dairy free. I used ground sausage, added minced garlic and mushrooms, and halved the recipe.


Peace for the journey.


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