Week In The Life (I Smell A Rat)

Well here we are another couple of weeks have come and gone.

Wasting no time there was Halloween


and my black swans.

Another birthday, new stories with me starting Ramona Quimby age 8 and Little Sis starting the Violet Mackeral series. Oh and of course games.

Some old favorites


and a new one.

Rat-a-tat Cat.


We really, really like this game and have played it *several* times already this week.

Our family enjoys card games over board games because they don’t take up a whole lot of room if you are short on storage space like ourselves, they are speedy quick to pull out for a round of play while waiting on dinner (sometimes we just play one round if time is short), they fit perfect in backpacks when on outings and in need of a break or have time to kill, they hold short attention spans, and being honest my 21st century girls find board games like Sorry, well…. boring.

Where was I? Oh yes, walks to the park to bask in all of November’s sunshine before winter.


Always Minecraft building and drawing


(Miss Sky)

and Little Sis is practicing her multiplication tables.



Between the birthdays and Halloween candy there really hasn’t been anything new baking in the kitchen this week but I do have some interesting holiday ideas up my sleeve. 🙂

Peace for the journey.


One Response to “Week In The Life (I Smell A Rat)”

  1. jess Says:

    Let me know when pretzel time is I’m so excited!! I’m wanting to do some treat bags for some ladies at work. Love you!!

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