Week In The Life (“And The First White Snows”)

It has been a very eventful week around these here parts.

The start of the week was beautiful, beautiful temps and full of sunshine. Saturday we awoke to a water leak outside our neighbor’s front yard. We found out 4 days later, yes the water just poured out into the street for 4 days but I guess that is normal procedure, that it was a broken seal. The girls enjoyed watching the water company fix the leak.

Then the temps dropped and we had our first snow and our first real fires in the woodstove. Until temps drop into the 30s we have flash fires. We light a fire to quick heat up our home once in the morning and once in the evening only to let it burn out. This helps save on our electric bill as well as conserve wood. Our woodstove saves us about $200 a year.

We started the week out with a new poem by Clyde Watson that fit perfectly.



Little Sis has been practicing her cursive,


1,2, and 5 multiplication tables, and reading Violet Mackerel aloud (which Little Sis really loves, cute, cute story).

Miss Sky is working on double digit multiplication (She has adding and subtracting decimals and negative numbers down so we are reviewing multiplication and long division) and started reading Junie B. Jones Turkey’s We Have Loved and Eaten since I finished reading Ramona age 8(both being another big hit).


More Rat-a-tat-cat? Oh yeah


and our family movie of the week was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

From the kitchen this week, Gingerbread Chex mix.



To make gluten and dairy free I used corn Chex instead of wheat and Earth Balance instead of butter. Chex mix has been my new favorite gluten free treats and this one is really good.

Peace for the journey.


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