Week In The Life (“An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving)

Being we celebrated Thanksgiving here in the states our homeschool week was a bit short. There was, after all, a drive out to our poultry farmer to pick up our turkey and lots of preparations on my part to get ready.

So the start of the week we did our usual with a poem to copy, words of the week to look up, math problems to practice, and I asked Little Sis to finish the number pattern in the poem.


We are settling in with our new rhythm quite nicely. It just feels right practicing reading, writing, and arithmetic during the fall and winter. Especially when days are full of this.


We are always watching some type of history or geography documentary no matter what the season, Miss Sky and I can’t wait for the season 4 premier of Downton Abbey, and I love our subscription to Star Talk Radio keeping us updated on the science front.


I am seeing more actual science projects though coming up during spring and summer when the girls enjoy being outdoors. It just feels right too, yes we are enjoying our new routine. Of course with Miss Sky she will need to practice math all year round in order for her to retain what we have learned.

We wrapped up our school week with Little Sis finishing book 1 of Violet Mackeral (“Mom you better order the next one.” )and me reading one of our holiday favorites An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving by Louisa May Alcott. Games? 🙂


Thanksgiving brought smells of turkey through out the home and our annual watching of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Dog Show. Then it was time to bust out the Christmas decorations,


(I go back and forth between homemade ornaments and a Star Wars tree, because nothing says Christmas like Star Wars you know 😉 . Yes my geeky side exposed have I.)

Christmas movies (with the first always being A Christmas Story), Christmas stories (the first always being the original Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer by Robert L May), and Christmas puzzles (the first always being the new one from the previous year).


Always Minecraft,


(Little Sis who watched a YouTube video on how to build a brick mansion, and “Mom what’s a mansion?” This picture really doesn’t give it justice.)

Fan fiction from Miss Sky,


(Using her 3ds to look up words)

and drawings.



(The raven from Princess Tutu, Miss Sky)






(Princess Tutu characters, Little Sis)

Hope everyone celebrating Thanksgiving had a good one.

Peace for the journey.


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