Week In The Life (“The Weather Outside Is Frightful”)

But the fire is SO delightful and since our home environment is conducive to learning, let it snow, let it snow, oh let it snow!


We tend to hibernate during winter. We are quite busy during the other seasons planting, gathering, preparing, and enjoying the outdoors that come winter time we are ready to hunker down a bit. That is why, in my opinion, winter makes a great time for more formal lessons. I know come spring I will no longer hold the girls attentions.

However hibernating does not mean we sit around on our bums all day, there is still plenty to do. Such as games to play and stories to read.


We finally received the second book in the Violet Mackeral series, Violet’s Remarkable Recovery, and Miss Sky started another Junie B. holiday favorite.


Speaking of holiday favorites we have always used the story Counting To Christmas by Nancy Tafuri well to help us count the days until Christmas. Wasting no time the girls got straight to work baking their most favorite holiday treat, gingerbread cookies.




I am pretty proud to say this year they needed no help from me. For once I could sit back and enjoy watching them read the recipe and gather the ingredients.

We celebrated the second week of Advent by adding the element of plants and trees to our stable


and kept with our weekly rhythm of writing, word of the week, and math review. Words come from our read alouds and I use the website Math Is Fun for new practice problems as well as a yearly guide of what is studied in each grade to help me get an idea of where to start.


I think this is one of the best advantages of homeschooling. I am able to get an idea of what the girls would be studying if they were in school and yet can tailor those to match where the girls are. Not to mention since we homeschool year round we don’t need to stop at a certain grade but can keep going and can stop to practice without feeling “behind”.

Little Sis has been playing the Table Tree multiplication game practicing her 2, 5,10, and 11 tables. Like Miss Sky sticking with double digit multiplication and long division until the new year I think I will stick with these tables as well. Come January I will add the 3s and 4s. She is ready.

Miss Sky has really been getting in the with story and musical of The Phantom of the Opera. I know I say this year after year but I love seeing the girls interests flourish. They always amaze me.

Little Sis has been playing Sara’s Cooking Class at girl games.com. I think she is going to be my cooking child always wanting to help in the kitchen and coming up with new recipes to try (much like her bigger sister was).


She also helped Papa prepare 2014s calendar and they had lots of discussions of the many different holidays.


Fan fiction? Yes adding phantom stories to the list of favorites. Minecraft? Yes


with Little Sis making more Nintendo characters. This picture shows how big they actually are.

Drawing? Yes more of Little Sis’s creations




and Miss Sky has been designing cosplay pendants.


Wishing everyone a wonderful solstice and peace for the journey.



One Response to “Week In The Life (“The Weather Outside Is Frightful”)”

  1. Ingi (@ingidefygravity) Says:

    I LOVE that you have real seasons! I mean really, really cold (snow!) and really hot. I love that they are opposite to us (I want to bunker down in our airconditioning!).

    I love your enthusiasm for board games and encouraging your daughter’s interests. And what’s not to love about Phantom of the Opera? I think you could learn lots based around that.

    Thank you for continuing to blog your peaceful journey – I don’t comment every post, but I do read. Merry Christmas!!

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