A Year In Review 2013 (Never Trust An Atom….)

because they make up everything (ba-dum-DUM).

Science, next to history is my most favorite “subject” and why not? It’s having a question and trying to find the answer to the world we live in. Why is the sky blue? What’s the surface of the moon like? Does life exist on Mars?

“To make discoveries, you have to be curious about why the universe is the way it is.” Isaac Asimov

So what did our year of science look like?

Being that science is simply being curious I think I will start with the curiosity fair at our local history museum. I mentioned previously in that post how I was pretty proud the girls already knew much of what was being offered but by far the most exciting moment of the day was the egg catapult.



We tried many different ways of securing our eggs but they kept ending up scrambled. Being that eggshells themselves are naturally hard to keep mama from crushing while brooding I know it has to do with the impact. Yes still pondering on that one. 🙂

Next, how about a little astronomy? We enjoyed gazing up at the sky, last year as we charted the moon’s phases and coincidently ended with a “super moon”.


Of course there really isn’t anything special about the moon being closer to earth. It doesn’t orbit around in a perfect circle. So sometimes it is closer, sometimes farther but we sure had fun observing.

Speaking of sky gazing we also enjoyed being able to see Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury with the naked eye.


Since I am talking about space I might as well mention one of my most favorite astrophysicists (because we all have one right?) Neil deGrasse Tyson and his radio show Star Talk Radio in which we are subscribers.


Let’s see there was our annual Earth hour celebration


and discussions about energy conservation, recycling and doing our part.


Thanks to the video game Final Fantasy the girls’ interest in flowers piqued and we dried peonies for potpourri (which still contain their fragrance).


Which brings me to nature’s seasonal rhythms. We keep a nature corner adding items accumulated from our hikes and I keep a poem on the chalkboard to help mark the change in seasons.


We also celebrate summer and winter solstice.

We try our best to eat seasonally and take advantage of our garden and local farmers preserving fruits and vegetables to eat during the winter months.






Thanks to our farmer friends we have made over the years the girls personally know the people responsible for growing and raising the food we use to nourish our bodies. Through this, they have learned the life cycle of plants and animals naturally.

I mentioned hiking, this past year we had a nature scavenger hunt,

(Lynn Gordon’s 52 nature activities)

collected rocks that we used to spread a little kindness,

(Where we dropped around the campground when we went camping)

and went cicada shell hunting.

big sis

Our visit to the Children’s museum had us learning about the special effects they used to make the movie Avatar


and thanks to my emergency room visits and many tests the girls couldn’t help but learn about the human body and digestive system.

Miss Sky and I enjoy the PBS Nova and Nature series and had many conversations about the What will the future be like and the Harpy eagle episodes. Lots of wonderful conversations from those shows.

Thanks to the Violet Mackerel series Little Sis learned what a theory is, we had many conversations about archeology (which she also remembered from our trip to the Children’s Museum),



and tonsils.

Lastly games.



gamevial’s Lif,


and The Endless Forest where you can be the animals and learn about their natural habitats.


Oh, and I can’t forget the DS game SimAnimal.

We also enjoy the game Animal Linkology and the co-operative game Harvest Time.

Whew, language arts is up next.


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