Week In The Life (Peanut, Peanut Butter….)

Cookies, cookies.

Happy 2014! Boy did it ever begin as we had a huge snow storm and bitter cold temperatures that pretty much shut our state down for a couple days. Gathered round the woodstove we did. Thank goodness for new movie interests and LibriVox.

The girls and I have been enjoying the dramatic reading of the Phantom of the Opera. I have to say Andrew Lloyd Webber did an amazing job staying pretty close to the original story. The girls and I also watched the 25th anniversary stage version available on Netflix and compared it to the movie. We all have favorite parts from both versions where we think some parts work better on stage and for some parts we like the film version better.


Thanks to one of The Nostalgia Critic’s movie reviews of his top favorite villain songs, Miss Sky added the animated movie Anastasia to our movie list and after a bit of a wait we were finally able to watch it. Miss Sky has taken a big interest in Don Bluth’s animation style and I shared one of my favorite Bluth movies, The Secret Of NIMH, with the girls.

We had many conversations about the Romanov family and the true story of what really happened to them. This opened a whole new door into Russian history and we watched Rudy Maxa’s video on St. Petersburg and have several other movies lined up.


We also got back into our routine study of mathematics with Miss Sky learning triple digit multiplication. Thanks to a tip from Pinterest, using graph paper, and another *very* helpful tip from Big Sis, crossing out the number once she is done multiplying it, she caught on quick. “Mom math is starting to get a lot easier.” Yes this is coming from my math phobic daughter.


We also started the year with copying a recipe off the board instead of a poem so the girls can make their own cookbooks.



We are using binders and the girls copy the recipe down on regular notebook paper so they are able to continue adding which ever recipes they would like.

Thursdays has become our “baking” day and the girls made the first recipe from their cookbooks, flourless peanut butter cookies.


This weeks Downton Abbey episode created TONS of conversation, oh my. I will not spoil it for you but the ending contained a scene that was VERY hard to watch. The warning did nothing to prepare us for what was about to take place. Having no clue I was thinking maybe blood or violence like in some of Miss Sky’s anime. It is something that stuck with us for *several* days.

Since on the subject of PBS Miss Sky and I caught the last two weeks of Nova’s shows about the Zeppelin


and Detecting Life On Other Planets. She absolutely loves Nova and has asked me write on the calendar when certain episodes come on to be reminded.


We also caught PBS Nature’s episode The Private Life Of Deer


which inspired even more projects from Miss Sky.

Part of me wants to add a snarky comment to answer one of the questions from the Donahue show I posted on homeschooling how they didn’t think children would want to learn anything on their own if given the choice but I wouldn’t do that now would I? 😉


Before the clouds moved in we were able to spot Jupiter in the sky with our eyes


and I got all geeky excited upon hearing about the release of the new Cosmos, A Space Time Odyssey show airing in March.


Yep you know it has been added to our calendar.

Little Sis and I started Violet Mackerel’s Natural Habitat (we are SO loving this series) which inspired her word of the week as well as lots of conversations. We have an abundance of lady bugs come spring with some of them even getting inside our home so a request has been made to make them a home out by our garden.

Let’s see there was our family movie, A Monster In Paris which we loved the phantom references and more drawing.


(Little Sis)


(Miss Sky)

Besides cookies coming from the kitchen this week, since discovering the genius idea of grinding gluten free oats into flour for banana bread recipe I loved, I used the left over “flour” to make gluten free meatloaf and meatballs. I love the idea of adding in fiber this way.


Wishing everyone a happy start to 2014 and peace for the journey.


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  1. Ingi (@ingidefygravity) Says:

    Love, love, LOVING your days, even with all the snow! Thanks for all the links, off to check them out!

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