Week In The Life (Act Naturally)

So if you did not already know, it’s winter and if you have not already heard, it’s cold out. Real cold, honestly I don’t think I ever remember it being this cold for this long before. We are talking high temps of 5 degrees and looking at -2 for the high next week. We have really gone through the wood. It reminds me of the Little House story, The Long Winter. At least we can rely on our heat if need be unlike the Ingalls.

I am not complaining mind you, we needed these bitter cold temps and the snow is great for farmers. Anyway why *would* I complain about being snuggled under blankets listening to the Phantom Of The Opera with the girls.

We are more than halfway through and will probably finish the story this coming week. We have really enjoyed it so far, lots of talk about how when writing a musical or movie some characters may need to be left out because of running time. It is fun learning some of the character’s backstories and we enjoyed learning what really took place while Christine was first taken by Eric.

Little Sis finished book number 3 of The Violet Mackerel series and we had many conversations about the lifecycle of ladybugs. I honestly did not know ladybugs had a pupa stage. We also had fun learning about aphids.

This week’s recipe was chocolate chip cookies




and Miss Sky learned how to divide with double digit divisors. We are moving right along.

Little Sis learned the 9 multiplication table. The nines are the next easiest table to learn as there are so many tricks and patterns. For instance the product will always equal 9,( 9×9=81, 8 and 1 =9) The product will always start 1 number down from the number being multiplied, (9×2=18, one down from 2 is 1 so what plus 1 equals 9, 8. 9×3=27, one down from 3 is 2, 2 plus 7=9….) lastly the numbers begin to flip flop after 9×5(9×5=45, 9×6=54, 54 is 45 flip flopped. 9×7=63, 63 is 36 flipped flopped and so on). She practiced her 1,2,5,9,10,and 11 tables on the multiplication clock.


(The 2s)

Not only does this help with hand coordination but also ties in some geometry and is a prime example of how everything connects.

Speaking of connections we have started the BBC Connections TV series hosted by James Burke. The music is so 70s but this series is right up my, cause and effect brain, alley.


Speaking of television series on Sunday, besides Downton Abbey, we have been enjoying the shows Animal Atlas (which Little Sis enjoys as she does not like nature shows seeing animals hunting other animals)and On The Spot.



Tuesday has become PBS history day and Wednesday is science with PBS Nature and NOVA. This week’s Nature episode was about the Coywolf (half coyote, half wolf), we had many conversations about evolution and NOVA was about typhoon Haiyan that slammed into the Philippians last year with talks of climate change .



Minecraft ?


(Little Sis)







(Miss Sky and “Wooden Toaster”. Miss Sky warns he may not be suitable for young fillies 🙂 )



(Little Sis)

Family movie this week was Disney’s Atlantis with more talks of Ancient Greece.

Wishing everyone a warm week and peace for the journey.


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