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Little Comments

February 20, 2014

While washing the dishes Little Sis has created a new sort of game (for us that is).

Little Sis: “Only using one word describe each character I name. Madam Giry, go.”

Me: “Stern”

Little Sis: “Eric”

Miss Sky: “Intimidating”

It has become a routine part of our day. 🙂


Week(s) In The Life ( The Ginger, Pegasister, Chocolate, Phantom)

February 14, 2014

Whew, what a couple of busy weeks we’ve had. So many puzzle pieces connected between the girls and myself. All I can really do is just jump right in.

I guess I will start with us finishing the dramatic reading of The Phantom of the Opera. The girls loved this story just as much as the musical and we had (and are still having) many conversations centered around the mysteries of this maybe “true” story.

The story begins with Gaston Leroux, who was a detective in real life, stating how he thinks the bodies that were found in the opera had been murdered. We’ve had all kinds of fun following leads and learning about the real singer Christine Nilsson, whom the character Christine is based upon. Was the story real? Oh how I love a good mystery, we may never know.

Other stories that have had our attention?



(Highlight’s magazine)

Little Sis and Papa have been busy playing Super Mario going back and collecting all the star coins from the worlds to unlock the secret star world.

The virtual games Animal Jam and ROBLOX have been huge hits these past weeks with the girls dressing up their horses on-line with other kids playing MLP (My Little Pony).

Speaking of MLP the girls and I watched the Bronies documentary giving themselves the title of “Pegasisters”.

Small tangent, who me?

There are SO many blog posts talking about television stifling creativity. And just so you know I am not trying to step on anyone’s toes here, I myself was one of them. However I have found nothing but the opposite to be true. It wasn’t until I completely opened up my children’s world that *their* creativity truly flourished.

Do my children spend time reading? Yep. Do my children spend time drawing? Yep. Do my children spend time playing video games? Yep. Do my children enjoy playing outdoors? Yep. Do my children enjoy watching television? Yep. Do my children create? Yes!


(The start of Miss Sky’s felt Wooden Toaster plushie)



(Little Sis)

The MLP television show itself was created by Lauren Faust from playing with her My Little Ponies as a child. The game Minecraft was created by Markus Persson out of his love for Legos.

You know there once was a time when the piano was considered “evil” too.

Well since on the topic of television let me list the other shows and movies from our weeks.

Always Downton Abbey, there was our Presidential State of the Union Address, The Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate, PBS Nature, NOVA, Hawking, watching the ballet Coppelia (where the girls made the connection of the monkey from the Phantom of the Opera), a Catherine the Great documentary, and the family movies Ratatouille and Nicholas and Alexandra.

I can’t even begin to list the *many* conversations we’ve had. The Nicholas and Alexandra movie has us still talking. I myself as a history buff could write several posts alone from this movie however I must be moving on.

There was Gingerbread cookies,




Valentine’s cookies,



and chocolate cake.



Miss Sky worked on averaging and we dropped multiplication for Little Sis (for now) as she has been getting a bit confused. So she is learning how to subtract with regrouping. We have also been enjoying the vintage children’s recording of the ballets Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty.

Peace for the journey.

Little Comments

February 13, 2014

What I overhear while starting the fire for the day, the girls just waking up.

Miss Sky: “Oh and I guess you think Michael Crawford’s high pitch voice was better.” Little Sis obviously said something negative about Gerard Butler’s voice.

If you did not already know the majority of the girls time is spent engrossed in conversation about The Phantom of the Opera. I myself feel very lucky just to be along for the ride. 🙂

This post of Little Comments was brought to you today by “But how do you know your children are learning?”.