Week(s) In The Life (Here Ticky Ticky)

Well I seem to have set a pattern for myself going weeks between posts. I can’t help it, sometimes I am either too busy cleaning or we are so deep in learning I don’t want to stop the momentum.

We have been in so many deep discussions all I know to do is list them by topic. So take note this is not exactly how our weeks flow. It’s more like talks about previous Russian history then watching the show Cosmos then discussing world headlines about Crimea and the missing Malaysian plane. All these discussions connect in one way or other not separated into “subjects”.

However for the sake of keeping my sanity I think I will begin with math. Both girls are moving right along. Little Sis caught on quick to regrouping with subtraction including using 3 digits and zeros. Miss Sky mastered decimals, turning decimals into fractions, and graphing.

With Little Sis moving on to measurements beginning with time, she knows how to tell time but has trouble with days of the week and months so we are doing a review, copying recipes have been put on hold. Their last recipe was oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.



(Little Sis)


Of course the girls will continue baking just from the recipes they already have.

Last post I mentioned Miss Sky creating her own root word notebook (to have for later to help study for the SAT), she has also been learning prefixes and suffixes. Little Sis is still continuing with a word of the week.


We celebrated St. Patrick’s day, learned more geography of Ireland and the Giant’s Causeway along with the river Shannon thanks to PBS Nature.



Speaking of geography thanks to Little Sis’s story Jenny Goes To Sea we have been learning about Africa, starting with South Africa and Zanzibar, freight, and had many talks about boats, the age of exploration and trade. If you have a cat fan I can not recommend this book, series, enough.


I finished the story Socks by Beverly Cleary and we watched the musical Cats as a family. I forgot to add Walking Away The Pounds to the picture which Miss Sky and I are continuing. I wanted to add I am not making Sky exercise, she is truly interested and this was the best fit for her.

Thanks to Cosmos we had many, many,(many) discussions about space, natural and artificial selection, DNA, atoms, evolution, and extinction.

I mentioned current world events I guess all that is left is ROBLOX which I will let Little Sis’s words speak for themselves, “ROBLOX is awesome!”.

From the kitchen, continuing with my new love of oat flour, the best gluten and dairy free waffles



and oatmeal cookies.


I used Pamela’s gluten and dairy free flour blend and Earth Balance for the cookies and Earth Balance for the glaze. The only difference I will change next time is only add 1 cup of raisins.

It’s the Healthier Oatmeal Cookies with optional Maple Glaze recipe at the bottom of the page.


Peace for the journey.


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