Week In The Life (Tradition)

Well, I am at least making progress with posting. 🙂

So without further ado, I think I will start with last night and Earth Hour.


This year we did something a bit different. We usually play games but this time we started watching The Fiddler On The Roof. The intermission came 1 minute before Earth Hour started so we switched off most of the electricity (refrigerators and freezers stay running of course) and ended up discussing the movie the entire hour.

I am going to admit this musical is one of my most favorites (West Side Story being number 1). The movie was made before I was born yet the script, musical score, and acting is timeless. I could not wait to share it with the girls and it fit in perfectly showing a different side of Tsar Nicholas the second. It also fits in perfect with the start of Passover and Easter.

Since I’m already on a roll with television I think I will mention Cosmos next. Like Sundays when Downton Abbey is on we make sure dinner and dishes are done as we gather round the tube. This week we had further discussions about Isaac Newton’s laws of motion and gravity. It was interesting learning all the things Edmond Halley invented besides predicting Halley’s Comet and about Robert Hooke. We also had fun figuring how old we will be in 2061 when the next comet is predicted.

We are still enjoying reading our way through Jenny Goes To Sea and Little Sis is loving learning about the different breeds of cats like the Abyssinian and Burmese.


Miss Sky is reading Junie B. Dumb Bunny aloud and Little Sis has been getting back in with the video games Kingdom Hearts 2 and My Sims Kingdom. Such a big difference now that she is literate.


We started our time review with a poem and Miss Sky worked on probability and reading ordered pairs which I am proud to say she already knew because of playing games like Battle Ship, Bingo, and Toss Up.

Miss Sky had the root word chron this week


and the girls continually draw.


(Little Sis as Miss Sky is still working on hers.)

We celebrated Papa’s birthday this week so there really isn’t anything new to report from the kitchen. I guess all that is left to say is…

Peace for the journey.


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