A Week In The Life (Easter Time, Easter Time)

Alright, here we go!

Language arts, for our read-a-loud this week we listened to the audiobook Mrs. Peter Rabbit.


Little Sis read Jenny’s Moonlight Adventures and about the dormice hibernating (from Highlights Magazine).


Moving on to the 4 seasons, not the hotel, the girls copied a spring poem about Easter and Little Sis’s word of the week was hibernate. Sky’s root word(s) of the week, cis and cision.

Science, another wonderful episode of Cosmos where we learned about Clair Cameron Patterson and the dangers of lead poisoning. We had lots of conversations about the periodic table of elements using our painless learning placemat.

We also did an experiment with blue jellybeans to see which one would dissolve it’s color the fastest.


Both girls were right and chose the 7 up. However, the water seemed to break down the inside of the jellybean the quickest. We had conversations about how jellybeans might digest in our own stomach acid.

Social studies: world history, we watched the Princess Diaries, from the Dear America series, about Cleopatra and a documentary about Alexandria Egypt where we learned about Alexander the Great and Hypatia (both shows can be found on Netflix). We also watched the movie King of Kings.

Mathematics, more mean, median, mode with Sky


and playing around with money for Little Sis.


First, we all played LCR beginning with pennies Little Sis changed the winner’s amount into nickels, then dimes, quarters, and dollars. The girls split and kept the final winner’s amount. Sky figured the ratio of rolling an L, C, R, and dots. We turned the ratios into fractions and found the percent.

They also did circular shopping.


Both girls had a $20 budget to come up with a complete dinner for 4 shopping from the circular ads. Sky started out with $10 but quickly asked for $20, “Who can buy dinner for 4 with only $10.” A lesson for another time. 🙂

Let’s not forget games where we finally unlocked Bowser’s Warped World in Mario Party.


Art, besides drawing where the girls have new pictures that I keep forgetting to snap, Sky has been really getting in with sewing. Time to restock the felt supply


and Little Sis has requested her own sewing box.

P.E./ Health, Walking Away the Pounds.

From the kitchen, birds nest’s


melt 1 bag chocolate chips, 1 bag peanut butter chips and add in 1 bag La Choy Chow Mein Noodles. I think I will try using gluten-free Rice Krispies next year.

Dyed eggs of course,


and by far the best gluten and dairy free cinnamon rolls ever, girls approved.



I used vanilla Silk and Earth Balance for substitutes and the maple glaze recipe from our maple and oatmeal cookies for icing.

Peace for the journey.


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