Week In The Life (“The Naming Of Cats Is A Difficult Matter”)

It only seems fitting to start with language arts.

I read T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book Of Practical Cats out loud. The girls loved the musical Cats and you betcha it has been added to our growing collection of musicals. So I decided, like Phantom of the Opera,  reading the poetry in which the musical is based was in order.

I am not ashamed to mention either that both girls not waiting for me to read it aloud read more than half the book themselves. Little Sis read The Country Bunny and The Little Gold Shoes and started the Jewel Kingdom series, The Ruby Princess Runs Away. Miss Sky is still deep in fan fiction short stories.


The girls copied a summer poem where Little Sis and I talked about exclamation marks and her word of the week was torpid. Miss Sky had the root word corp and worked on analogies.

Mathematics, continuing with money Little Sis played the money master game from Math is fun


and both girls have worked their way to the super hard problems from the same website. Addition and subtraction for Little Sis and multiplication and long division, for Miss Sky.


Science, last night’s episode of Cosmos brought a huge smile to my face as we just talked about Cecilia Payne’s discovery of the stars being made of hydrogen prior to the show. Yes, lots of conversations about constellations.

On Pinterest, I pinned a picture of Earth rotating around the sun showing the different seasons. The girls had fun spinning in a circle while spinning around me (uhem, me being the sun of course) explaining Earth’s rotation. I enjoyed their staggered walk afterwards. 🙂

I purchased The New DK Encyclopedia of Cats which has been picked up by both girls several times in the past week and we spent the weekend getting our garden ready for planting.


The Arts, thanks to Easter and watching The King of Kings movie it was perfect timing for Webber, Rice, and Jewison’s Jesus Christ Superstar. This was the girls first experience with a rock opera. Then we watched Paw’s musical review of the show.


Which brings me to my Earth, Art, Eh Pinterest board and da Vinci’s Last Supper painting.

Drawing? Yes

Miss Sky




Little Sis




Games, ROBLOX is still all the rage and our usual Wii games.


Let’s see there was Pokémon, Attack on Titan and lots of time spent outdoors.

Health/ P.E., Walking Away The Pounds.

There really isn’t anything new in the kitchen this week as the girls are still working on Easter candy.

Peace for the journey.


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